Walking home.❄️

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After the big snow ball fight, which the students definitely won. My bum was still hurting, but the bell rang and it was time to go home. It was still snowing really hard and I couldn't ring dad to pick me up because he was at work. I doubt mum would even answer my phone. So I decided to get on the bus then walk back.
I still had Niall's clothes on, they were really warm and smelled just like him, which was really nice intoxication smell. Every one was inside, warming up and drying off, Niall was talking to a teacher while I was sat on a radiator also warming up. After their conversation ended Niall walked up to me and said "the buses aren't coming to take people home, they can't get here because of the snow". I sighed and thought that I was going to have to walk the hole way home, which was about 30 minute walk. Niall was looking at Me, "what you thinking about?" He asked. "I was just thinking that I'm gunna have to walk all the way home, which is about 30 minutes" I looked down. "No your not" he said casually, "um yes I am? How els would I get home?" I giggled. "Greg is coming to pick me up, I text him. Your coming back to mine" I looked down at his hand, which had his phone in it. "Oh don't worry about it, it's fine. I'll will walk home" I said, trying to brush off his offer because I didn't want to cause any trouble. "I'm not asking you, im telling you. I'm not letting you walk home in this. You would probably die" he smiled. I look up at him, and stared in to his deep blue eyes "thank you" I said. "Your welcome" he said.
Suddenly a boy came up behind Niall and tackled him to the floor. They started play fighting, then 2 more boys came over and shouted "NIALLER". One of them with green eyes and brown hair said "I haven't seen you all day mate! We're have you been?" Niall pulled them off him and sat back on the chair he was on before he got tackled. "Guys this is April" he said introducing me. "HEY" One shouted, I giggled at his loudness and replied "hi". Niall rolled his eyes at the boy would shouted and pointed to each one naming them for me. The one with green eyes and curly brown hair was called Harry, another one with blue/green eyes and brown hair was called Louis. One with  black hair and green eyes was called Zayn.
The boys said there goodbyes and left us, "we are going to have to walk to the end of the street so it's easier for Greg, try not to slip on your ass this time" he said smiling. "Okay, stop laughing at that! It really hurt" I said smiling because it was half funny. "Okay okay, I won't laugh at it any more. But it was the funniest thing ever" he said. I giggled at Niall as he tried to stop himself from laughing. I picked up my backpack and we both headed for Niall's locker, he opened it,I took out my school uniform that I was wearing earlier and stuffed it in to my back pack. I also took out my art book, Niall did the same with his clothes and shoved them in to his backpack. We started walking and Niall took my art book off of me "you know you don't have to carry it for me" I said. "I know, I just don't like seeing it hurting your arms. It's massive " he said laughing a bit. I smiled, we both headed for the door that lead outside...

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