Short story 1

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Disclaimer: The first few stories are so badly written but I'm too lazy to unpublish them and then renumber so please feel very free to skip over the first few stories.

"There is a drug that cures it all, blocked by the governmental wall."

They were pleading and begging, hoping in vain that they would be spared. I mean they weren't going to be the governments lab rats or guniea pig testers any more. Who  would? So they hatched a plan to be escape but to do that they had to inject themselves with a serum found in little vials underground. It held the formula to the abilities they once had. The government had announced the next test that was to be performed on them and they were adamant it would happen. The prisoners decide enough was enough, tomorrow was the day they escaped from the wretched cells they've been living in for the past five years.
So slowly, very slowly, they crept along the hallway, watching out for any signs of movement. Any guards patrolling the area, any security monitors flickering with red lights. When they were satisfied they sprinted down all the way to the cooler with the vials. They walked in already shivering from the cold and as the last  person stepped in, the door banged shut, the locked clicked into place and then, there was only silence

Song: Pictures of you- The Last Goodnight

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