Chapter 6

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“Y-you l-like me?” I was still astonished by this declaration of him. I mean, how can anybody like me? I’m weird and stupid. I was happy living a life with no worries about crushes and friends and now this Spanish boy come along and he says that he likes me!

“Yeah I do.”

I looked at him astonished, as he blushed a little. He is soo cute when he blushes!

I felt the urge to jump on him and hug him, for at least, for the first time in my life I had someone who likes me, but then I remembered that he’s still a stranger, a hot stranger, but still a stranger that I wasn’t ready to trust yet.

“Aren’t you going to hug me now?” he chuckled.

I stared at him, blushing like crazy. Was he really expecting a hug from me? I was about to step back from him, when he came dangerously too close and I ended up in his arm, embracing him.

The warmness I felt in my body, was too hot to handle alone. I felt his muscles tightening around my small body and involuntarily my hands found the way to his back and I was hugging him back in a second.

This was my first proper hug from a boy, excluding the sideways awkward hugs from Ivan, and I definitely liked the feeling!

The hug seemed to be going on for ages. Not that I mind, but it was still a bit strange to be hugging him. From the first day I saw him, I had done nothing but ogling him and blushing at every comment he passed to me, and now I’m standing this close to him, that my body and his are actually touching for real! I know I should stop blabbing about this hug, but it’s very eventful for me. Something that will be inscribed in my memories forever.

After don’t know how many minutes that we spent hugging, Andrea loosened his grip on me, and as he moved a little away from me, he kept on looking at me, smiling his heart throbbing smile.

“So do you like me Beca?”

I looked at him, not sure if I heard right. Of course I do like him! How cannot anyone like somebody like him?!

I looked at Andrea, blushing while deciding if I should tell him or not that I like him, when my mother came by the door beaming at the fact that she saw us talking together for the first time.

“Hey guys, I see you’re making friends!” she screamed, with probably excitement.

“Yeah Mrs Rose, you have a wonderful daughter.”

I gasped looking at Andrea. I was wonderful?

“Oh that’s sweet of you Andy, I’m glad that finally Beca is making some friends other than that neighbour. So dinner is in a half an hour, so you have another few time getting to know each other and then I’ll expect you at 8 sharp in the kitchen. Ok?”

“Ok Mrs Rose.”

I looked at the door, as my mum exited my room. I was about to drift into my imaginary world of what had just happened between me and Andrea, but I forgot that he was still there in the real world, and he wasn’t about to let his previous question be forgotten.

“Soo, what do you say?”


“You what?”

I nearly choked on my breath. He was once again too close to me, much close than before if that was possible. His breath was tickling my lips, in a nice way, and strange enough it felt too comfortable, even though I had a whole butterfly farm being freed in my body.

“Say it Beca, I know your answer, but I want to hear it from you.”

“How can you be so confident?” I nearly yelled in his face. I don’t know what got into me suddenly, but his confidence made me worry about something, that he must be used to doing these declarations and for girls to fall at his feet, even though something in me told me to trust him, because he was good.

He too was shocked by my sudden outburst, but then he calmed down when he saw me struggling with myself and mentally scolding myself for yelling at him like that.

“It’s because I like you so much Beca, and I know you’re shy, so I just thought that I could make it a little bit easier for you, instead of clamming all the love for yourself.”

“I-I’m sorry.” I replied to him. I really was an idiot. How could I ever think that a boy so sweet like him could make fun of me? At least not when he’s living in my house and sleeping in the same room!

“It’s ok. If you don’t like me I’m fine with it.”

His eyes looked filled with hurt, and I could almost saw them filling up with something clear. I knew he wouldn’t cry, he was strong, but I still felt guilty for that I doubted him.

He stood up from his bed and started walking to the door; as he turned his back on me I realised one thing that I was sure of. I really like this guy, and he said that he likes me, so I guess it wouldn’t hurt if I told him that I like him too. Anyway it’s only for 5 weeks, if things don’t turn out good between us, everything will be forgotten, as he will go back to Spain.

I looked back at Andrea, and at that time he had just closed the door. Without thinking I went running to the door, hoping that I would catch up with him before he goes to the kitchen and then I won’t have time to talk to him, without having to bring up the subject myself, and I would be too embarrassed to do so.

But I was too late.

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