6. || Adventure In The Woods

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Dipper and Mabel snuck out of the campsite and deep into the woods.

"Which direction did he go?" Mabel asked

Dipper pointed his finger North. On their way, they tripped on tree roots and rocks. They ripped parts of their clothes, leaving behind a trail of fabric clung on tree branches. Mabel's socks had holes and grass stains on them. Her sweater also managed to catch some twigs. Dipper's hat had dirt all over it. They were both a bleeding, destroyed disaster.

"How are your knees?" Mabel asked.

"They're scraped up and bleeding a bit, but I'm okay." He replied.

There was a cold breeze. Dipper and Mabel shivered. Then there was a huge flash!

"LIGHTNING!" There was a loud bang. "THUNDER!" Mabel began to shake. "I'M SCARED OF THUNDERSTORMS!" She exclaimed.

Mabel jumped and got close to Dipper. He seemed to like having her close. There was another flash! It was even brighter this time.

"Look it came from over there!" Dipper said.

Mabel and Dipper began to walk in the direction the flash came from. They hid behind a Bush and they couldn't believe their eyes! The skinny man was there along with the boy.

"What's he doing to the poor kid." Said Mabel.

"Shhh! Whisper don't yell!" Dipper whispered.

The skinny guy had placed the boy on this table and there was a screen behind him.

"This is the wrong person!" The screen said.

"I'm sorry. I'll get the right one soon." Said the skinny man.

Then a bunch of candles with a purple flame lit up in a huge circle around the screen, the boy, and the skinny man. Multiple holograms appeared around the skinny man and Dipper and Mabel were in awe.

"This Cannot be real!" Exclaimed Dipper.

"I know right!" Mabel said back.

Then Mabel began to feel a tickle in her nose. She inhaled deeply and let out a sneeze!

"What was that?" Said the skinny man.

"Go investigate." Said the screen.

And that's what he did. He went in the direction that Mabel and Dipper were hiding in and they begun to panick!

"MABEL RUN!" Yelled Dipper.

Mabel got up to run too late and the skinny man caught her by her sweater!

"Your not going anywhere!" He said.

Dipper noticed and he grabbed mabels hand.

"NO YOU CANT TAKE HER!" Dipper yelled

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