My phone is buzzing my pocket , it's a message from Cara

"Hey Girl where are you , Zayn is already here did you get lost on the bathroom come quickly " 

And he is saying that I am a liar , he told them I was in the bathroom I should just go and have fun with the guys .
I don't like him yes why would like someone who is treating me like trash for something he concluded by himself , he is judging me for something I didn't think of or did

I went to the table where all of them where , Louis next to a beautiful girl with nice brown hair , she looks so nice , and Liam is with a girl too With curled hair I think her name is Danielle , Niall is with Cara and Harry , they are talking and laughing so Hard , and Zayn is sitting in the corner by himself like always , he think that the worlds turns on him , I will show him who is Kelly Deen and he will regret it 

"Hi everyone " I said and head to the table 

“Hi Kelly “ Everyone said of course beside Zayn

“You must be Eleanor and you Danielle right ? “ I said and shake hands with the girls 

I sit next to Niall , It was the only empty space except for the one next to , Of course I will not sit next to him , but my seat near niall is just in front of Zayn 

“So Guys what were you talking about “ I said 

“Just about the show and the girls “ Harry Said

— After half an hour , everyone were drinking , talking dancing having fun with each other even Zayn is talking and laughing with Zayn , I’m alone sitting like If I’m in a funeral , Cara is so into Harry , they did not stop talking , I’m so Happy for her , hope that something good will happen between them 

“Do you want a drink Kelly “ Louis ask , I don’t think I should drink one now 

“No I’ll pass Thank you “ I said 

“Common just one “ Louis insist

“I would not insist Louis , You will regret it later if she get drunk “ Cara said and Harry laughs , he knows what is she talking about , Zayn too 

“Yes Louis “ I said 

“Okey , as you like “ Louis Said 

Zayn was looking at me and said “ So Harry , where is that girl ? “ Really 

“Oh you want her now ? “ Harry Said 

“What girl ? “ Niall asks 

“Just some random Girl in the club , I told him that I will find a girl for him “ Harry said , and I can feel the anger rushing to my head 

“Ok Zayn come with me “ Harry said and they both stand and Harry ask Cara if she want to go dance of course she said yes , The three of them went to the dance floor I can’ really see them from our place , it’s to crowded 

I stayed in my place , playing on my phone , I want to go home but I don’t have how to , If only I came with my car 

“Job is done” Harry said as he get back to the table with Cara 

“How is your Job Done “ I ask Harry 

“I found him a girl he is with her now at the bar “ Harry said and I just stand without realizing 

“Where are you going Kelly “ Cara ask 

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