12 PART 1- Who I Am With You

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This whole week I've been successfully ignoring Colton during school, hockey practices and games..even text messages. So far we haven't lost any hockey games and next Friday we'll be playing against Sunville High; Adam and Ryan's school. I grab my stuff off the bench and make my way out towards my dad. He's standing by the side talking with none other but Colton's dad. I've never really seen him up close, but now I can see where Colton gets his hazel eyes from. I awkwardly greet him while I wait for my dad to wrap up his conversation. Sadly he didn't talk fast enough because Colton comes up next to us.

"Hey Agitha...." I give him a short wave and continue to stare at the ground. He dropes his voice to a low whisper. "Did I do anything?! You've been ignoring me for a whole week and I think I deserve to know what I supposedly did to you." His words are like a slap to my face. I look up to see his face filled with concern, but I just stay silent. "How about we hang out tonight?"

I unlock my phone, "Aren't you going to hang with the team?"

"I should be asking you the same thing..." I shake my head. I'm not in the mood to head over to someone's house and have a video game marathon right now."Then why don't we head somewhere?" I watch him lean over to talk to my dad and his to ask if we could hang out. They both nod their heads as my dad grabs my things then hugs me goodbye.

We both sit in silence as we cruise around town deciding on where to go. I couldn't stand the silence so I finally pulled out my phone.

"You lied to me."

Colton double takes, "What exactly are you saying?"

"I'm saying that you lied to me. Do I need to draw it out for you?"

He bites his lip, "Lie about what exactly?"

"Wait, so are you implying that you lied to me more than once?"

"No! I don't think I've lied to you...I can't recall a time that I've lied to you..."

I become furious, "Are you kidding me? You just lied again right now!"

His voice rises a bit, "Lied about what?! Tell me what I lied about!" I sink back into my seat afraid of what might happen. Good job Kay, this is exactly how you lose friends.

I slowly type with my shaking hands, "You lied about having a family gathering last Friday. Why couldn't you just have said that you went to a party? i don't see why you had a reason to lie." Colton's grip on the steering wheel tightens as the silence becomes defeaning. At first I thought that he was never going to answer my question or none the less keep talking to me, but after a couple of minutes he finally does.

"Did you see me at the party?

I'm completely taken aback, "Yeah..."

He sighs, "I'm sorry for lying."

"Ok." I watch as we turn into a parking lot in front of a local beach. "Colton, why are we here?"

"I don't know, I kind of drove here without thinking." Yet again we sit in complete silence until he speaks again. "She isn't my girlfriend if that's what you're wondering...." My cheeks instantly turn red when he looks back up.

"You know what...I love the beach!"

"Karoline-" Before he can continue speaking I push open the car door and start walking towards the beach. By the time I'm halfway to the shoreline Colton is beside me.

"I love the beach too..." I nod, not wanting to bring up out conversation earlier. I stand ankle deep in the water watching it surround me.

Out of nowhere I start crying and I try to quickly wipe my face before Colton notices, but there's no use in trying. My shoulders shake uncontrollably as my cries become even more. Colton finally walks over and wraps me up into a tight hug. He just stands there rubbing my back as he lets me cry into his chest. "Hey now...Are you okay?" I shake my head. "I don't know why you're crying, but honestly I hate seeing you like this. Please be happy, please Karoline...please.."

Colton picks me up bridal style and sets me down on the sand. I pull my knees up to my chest while he throws an arm around my shoulders. "I'm sorry for lying to you; I just didn't want you to see me like that..."

I look up, "Like what?"

"Being a typical player...The girl I was with...she was some girl I dated a long time ago and well I had one too many drinks that night....and one thing led to another, but we never made it that far. I made her leave my house when I came to my senses. Actually it was the sound of Andrew's car engine going past my house. That's when I realized that I was in the wrong..."

I let out a soft laugh, "How does Andrew's car have anything to do with this?"

"Because...I ran upstairs during the party and I saw you in a tight embrace with him...and well hearing his car made me think back to how sad you looked in his arms..." I watch Colton scratch the back of his head before continuing. "I don't know what part of me just screamed out to stop...hard to explain really...."

"How far did it get?"

Colton nervously laughs, "Kissing. Besides why were you so upset during the party?" Because you were kissing a girl that wasn't me...duh.

"Some guy made me feel uncomfortable." Well at least I'm not completely lying to him.

"Who? I'll beat them up." Well it would be a bit entertaining to watch Colton punch himself. But I want to see how far this can go.

"Oh just some guy who was all over this girl..."

Colton looks at me confused, "So you were jealous?" Oh boy was I jealous...

"Sort of."

He ponders, "Why were you jealous?"

"None of your business!"

Colton bumps his shoulder with mine, "Oh come on Agitha. How am I supposed to fight the guy if I don't know why I'm fighting him?"

I laugh, "You don't have to beat him up."

"But I have to! If he hurt you then he should be punished."

I smack him, "No!" We sit a while longer just listening to the waves. My eyes start fluttering shut until I realize that my head's in Colton's lap. I immediately try to sit up, but Colton holds me down. "Its fine, you can sleep." I shake my head and just look up at him. He smiles, "I really want to see you'd look like if you fixed yourself up...you know without the glasses, hair down, maybe in a dress...Karoline Jo Winters, how can you not see that you're absolutely beautiful. I mean your personality let alone is perfect. You may not talk, but your laugh is adorable...You may not think you're worth something, but how can you say that when all this week I've been worried sick about losing you...I mean look at me right now, here I am running my mouth and..."

My smile couldn't have been any bigger at the moment. "I was scared too."

A smile slowly appears on his face, "That guy that made you uncomfortable at the party was me...wasn't it?" My jaw drops, not sure if I should say yes or not. "Right Kay?"

I nod, "Now smack yourself." To my delight he actually does.

"I'm so sorry for hurting you..."

I laugh harder, "You're forgiven."

"You really do have a beautiful laugh and smile..."

I blush, "Thank you..."

Colton hesitates a bit before talking again, "To uh, make it up to you, um..." he starts to bite his bottom lip; There's the lip bite I've learned to fall in love with. "Will you go on a date with me...tomorrow night?"

My heart stops, my eyes grow wide and my stomach's doing back flips. Colton Mitchell just asked me out...on a date. I must've looked shocked for a little longer than intended because Colton lets out a shaky laugh. My cheeks feel as if they're on fire. "Yes, yes I will."

Colton smiles his usual cheeky smile then leans down to softly kiss my cheek, "I've fallen head over heels for you Agitha."

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