Going back to the hotel, Diggy kept thinking about what Trevor told him. He didn't wanna believe it. He didn't know what to believe, but he wanted to believe Y/n. Knowing that neither of them can be trusted, he wanted to atleast believe his own girlfriend. Y/n looked over at Diggy. She felt that there was something wrong so she grabbed his hand & spoke softly. "Baby, what's wrong?" He shook his head & shrugged. "Nothin.." He lied. Y/n knows him too well to know that he was lying, she always knows when he's lying but she always shrugs it off. She flashed a small smile. "Okay.." Diggy looked over at Trevor. Trevor sly smirked & that just fused Diggy's flame. He was beyond pissed. He knew Trevor was lying but when argue overcomes him, he has a mind of his own. Just then, Diggy forcefully pulled Y/n into him & kissed her head on. She straddled him & deepened it. "You know I love when you be wearin yo shirts right...?" He mumbled on her lips. She giggled & slowly run her hand down his chest & unzipped his pants. She pulled away & looked down at his dick. When does he not wear boxers when he goes out to a show??? She thought. She smirked. "Well that's a first..." He chuckled & pulled her onto him. She moaned out, rotating her hips. Trevor got up & walked to the front of the tour bus. He sighed. Then Y/n screamed.

Back at the hotel, Y/n & Diggy were chilling in their room until they heard someone beating on the door. Y/n sighed & got up. "I'll get it.." She grabbed the hotel robe and went to get the door. Once she open the door, she was slammed against the wall, forcefully kissed. "So you just gon fuck him right in front of me!?" Trevor barked, in between the kiss. She moaned softly. "Trevor please stop..." He ripped the robe open, exposing her naked body and softly rubbed her clit. "Trevor pleaseeee!!" She cried. Then they heard someone clear their throat. Trevor stopped and looks towards the noise. Diggy walking over. "Really?" He said, angrily but sternly. Y/n clenched onto him, closing her robe. Trevor was silent. "Let yo self out.." Diggy shook his head & gently pulled Y/n back toward the bedroom with him. "REMEMBER WHO SHE CHEATED ON YOU WITH!" Trevor yelled after them. Y/n clenched her jaw & snapped around. "GET OVER YOURSELF TREVOR!!!" She snapped. Diggy held her back. "I DON'T FUCKIN WANT YOU, I NEVER WANTED YOU! YOU'RE A DAMN JOKE!" She snatched away from him. "YOU WERE A REBOUND AFTER I FOUND OUT THAT DIGGY WAS CHEATING ON ME WITH YO BITCH! I JUST WANTED TO GET BACK AT HIM!" She sighed. "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE! I DON'T WANT YOU!!!"

After about two and a half hours of arguing, Trevor finally trigger a nerve. "Just remember who yo daddy is..." He smirked, walking towards the door. She gasped & looked over a Diggy. Diggy looked at her, clenched his jaw & grinding his teeth hard. "Ba-baby..." She cried to him. Diggy glared at her & walked back into the bedroom. "Baby!!!!" She called after him. He ignored her. "Daddy please..." He slammed the bedroom door shut. "SON OF A BITCH!!!" Trevor chuckled. She threw a lamp at him. "BITCH!" He barked, holding his head as blood leaked down his face. Y/n ran after Diggy. "" She held him, pecking his lips over and over. Diggy ignored her. He didn't kiss her back, didn't touch her, he didn't even look at her. Then he saw Trevor standing in the doorway with at towel on his head. Trevor flashed a smirked. Diggy clenched his jaw. He picked Y/n up & tossed her on the bed. Y/n gasped & looked up at them as they walked over to the bed. Diggy glaring at her with angry, lust, and forgiveness in his eyes. Trevor was a little too excited....grinning with excitement, lust, and revenge in his eyes. Y/n scooted up until the headboard stopped her. AW SHIT!!! She thought. Not again...

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