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Hawk had his eyes closed and drank in the smell of Nessa. His nostrils flared, and his heart skipped a beat. This woman was his life, and he cherished her. When he opened his eyes, the Fay looked deeply into her sea green eyes and parted his full lips to whisper his love to her, but from the corner of his eyes he noticed that the sun that was always orange-gold, was now flaming red. But it wasn't really the color that alarmed him as much as the tiny black dots that flew across the sun, hundreds of them if not thousand. It was the beasts!

Not wanting to alarm his wife, he gently pulled himself and Nessa to their feet and smiled weakly at her. "My love, I think we should go home now, I'm sure Violet is waiting anxiously to see you." He told her, doing everything he could to stop his beating heart from exploding from all the emotions that it was feeling.

"What? I was hoping to spend a little more alone time with you before we head back home." Hawk could hear the disappointment in her tone of voice, but he could not keep her here any longer, it was too dangerous.

"It is important we go home now Nessa, but I promise you, soon we will come back to Oasis and stay as long as you want." He told her, and before she could say another word, he scooped her up in his arms again and wasting no time, they disappeared back to Scotland.

Sterlingshire castle was in an uproar as everyone raced to get ready for battle. Hawk pulled Nessa protectively with him to the library where the MacAlisters were waiting, and all eyes turned on them when they walked in.

Everyone took a moment to drink in the appearance of Nessa, and it was Lidia who cried out first, "Oh my God, it's you!" And ran up to her, and squeezed her tightly in her arms.

Tears of joy claimed every single person in the room, as they all formed a huge circle around Nessa, and welcomed her back. Hawk had stepped aside and watched the family come together in this beautiful moment of love, as they forgot for the moment that the world was in extreme danger, and focused on Nessa's return instead.

His heart swelled with love for Nessa and her family, which he was now a part of. He would do anything for them, anything at all, for they were his family too. When the blessed moment passed and the men returned to the table, Hawk turned to the ladies and said, "Would you ladies like to go to the tea room and talk, I'm sure you all have a million questions to ask Nessa. The men and I have a few important things to discuss."

The ladies wasted no time leaving the library, and Hawk turned to face the MacAlisters. "We are in deep trouble, soon all hell will break loose, have you notified Kalen for his assistance? Have the witches notified their allies?"

"We have been prepared for this battle for weeks now. Kalen is gathering his army as we speak, and the witches are do to arrive by tomorrow morning." William was quick to answer.

"How much time do you think we have?" Michael cut in and asked.

"Mayhap a day or two." Hawk replied.

"We need to notify Stephan, he and Amira must come home as soon as possible! Has anyone been to see the Valyries? Lucious needs to come home immediately!" Edward said.

"Lucious will come with his army to aid us, Abby has given her word to us that they will fight alongside us on the battled feild." William said, and slumped on his chair, exhausted with the days events. "Who will go and bring Stephan home?

"That would be me, I will leave as soon as our meeting is over." Tristan said, excited to travel forward in time.

"No! You can not do that, it will bring down the walls and we are not ready yet!" Hawk said, "let me send you there my way, we must protect what's left of the veil!"

They talked for hours, and finally they decided to take a few hours of rest before they prepared to march to the battlefield. Hawk sent Tristan to the future to find Stephan and Amira and then he hightailed it to his chambers to spend the few hours remaining with his wife.

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