The day before the night that started it all

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(Stiles POV)

There she is. 5’3, green eyes, strawberry blonde… Lydia Martin. My crush since the third freaking grade. Striding down the hallway with her asshole of a boyfriend Jackson. I honestly don’t get what she sees in him. He’s awful.

“Stiles?” Scott, my best friend, breaks my train of thought.

“Yeah. What?” I ask

“If you’re done staring down Jackson we can go into the classroom,” He teases, making me look at him and make a face.

“Shut up,” I smack him over the head and enter the room causing for him to rub his head and say ‘Ow!’. I sit down behind him and glare at the back of his head.

“Stop glaring at the back of my head, I was just teasing you. Stop being so sensitive.”

“If I were a girl I would probably have been offended by that comment. But since that’s not the case I’m just going to say ‘shut up’” I retort. Getting annoyed with his teasing.

“You sure about that one?” He smirks at me.

“Sometimes I wonder why we’re friends…” I tell him.

“Lacrosse tryouts are tomorrow and I think I’ve gotten better,” He says, changing the subject and making me laugh.

“Yeah okay, whatever you say Scott,” I say back, making him glare at me. I just wink at him and turn to look at the front just as Lydia enters the class. Stopping at the door to kiss Jackson. Just stab me in the heart why don’t you… When I look back up she’s sitting near the front next to her gay friend Danny, who I don’t think likes me very much, Flipping her hair over her shoulder and taking out all of her materials for class. I try to get myself to look away before she catches me staring. Mr. Harries enters the room, looks around, throws his briefcase on his desk, then looks out over the class.

“Alright class. Please take out the homework from last night so that I can collect it,”He tells us. So I pull out my homework and place it on my desk. Confident that I answered all of the questions correctly. As Mr. Harries walks around to collect Scott is panicking as he looks through his bag and notebook.

“What’s wrong?” I question, noticing his nervous face.

“I think I forgot to do the homework,” He says quietly to me. Mr. Harries is already one person over so I consider the possibility of letting him use my homework, before just saying

“Well, sucks to me you,” earning a glare from Scott, just as mr. Harries gets to our table. I hand mine to him with a smug smile on my face.

“Thank you Mr. Stilinski. Mr. McCall?” Scott looks up, nervous.

“I’m sorry Mr. Harries. I don’t have it.” He says shyly, making Harries glare at him.

“Detention McCall, that’s the third time in the past month. I expect more from you,” Then he stalks past us, giving me a glare on his way.

“What did I do?” I question, somewhat offended.

“You exist,” He snaps, making the rest of the class laugh, Lydia included. Although I thought I saw a flash of guilt in her eyes. I sunk down in my seat with a bitter look on my face.

“Son of a bitch,” I mutter under my breath.

“What was that?” Mr. Harries snaps around to glare at me.

“Nothing. Just saying how great of a teacher you are is all…” I say with a sarcastic smile.

“Well Mr. Stilinski why don’t you join Mr. McCall in detention,” He states, with a finalizing tone. I nod.

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