Part 1

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I lifted the cup to my mouth, gently pressing my lips against the side. I took a slow, deep sip with my eyes closed. I let out a deep sigh as I returned the cup to its saucer and glanced out the window. I'd spent a lot of time here over the past year since Michael left, it's the place we first went out for a meal together the day I met him at RTX. I try and keep in contact with him as much as possible, but it's a little difficult since the time zones are so different, so we've barely spoken at all. I never could have imagined that things would be this difficult to handle. When he left he said I could keep his apartment, which was super kind of him, if he hadn't have given it me I would have nowhere to go. I've often thought of maybe just leaving and going back to England, but I have my dream job now and I don't just want to give it up. But these memories and feelings are just so hard to get over, I miss him, my Michael.

~~~~2 days later~~~~

I quickly tried to fix my dress and make sure it looked perfect, it was such a pretty dress, a lovely teal colour. Aubrey always did have good taste with colours, although I'd never thought I'd be happy to wear a sleeveless dress. I clasped my hands together and turned to look at my best friend, slowly making her way down the aisle. I could see a huge grin spread across her face as she caught sight of Ray, who might I add already had a tear trickling down his face. She had a beautifully long flowing white dress, with small lace details across the top, with small teal diamonds embellished on there, to go with the two small roses she'd had specifically painted teal to go in her hair, which had been curled and the delicately put into a kind of low messy bun. It looked so elegant and she had a braid from where her fringe starts, going back into the bun. My god did she look beautiful.

When she got to the alter she gave me a quick hug and handed me her bouquet, so that she could hold Ray's hands as she gazed into his eyes. Not once did I see either of their smiles falter for a second, they are so in love.

As Aubrey read her vows the sun began to set on the horizon, it looked so beautiful across the ocean with all the oranges and purples mixing in the sky fading into the blue of the sea. A beach themed wedding, such a lovely choice. Of course it had been Aubrey's idea, much like everything had been her idea. It had always been her dream to get married on Catalina, and island near where she grew up. I grinned as Ray slowly put his hand to Aubrey's cheek, wiping away a small tear before pulling her close and pressing his lips to hers as the vicar chimed, "You may now kiss the bride!"


The reception was held in a hotel not too far from the beach, that way people could go out and relax in the cool breeze or stay inside, whatever they fancied. They'd chosen to do a buffet of food, that way people could have what they like and not have to worry about being served something they don't like, which is a pretty fantastic idea. Although, I decided against food, I made my way over to an empty table, all these happy vibes were kind of getting me down. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy for Aubrey, but I was so sure that this is what Michael and I were headed for, marriage. Now that's just all a dream. "Hey Chloe," my thoughts were interrupted by a soft voice. I looked up to see Aubrey and I smiled, she sat down opposite me and tilted her head slightly, "are you okay?" She quizzed, fully aware already as to what was getting to me. "Oh you know...just things on my mind." She frowned slightly, "oh Chloe, he will come back! I'm sure of it! He loves you! He has too! After everything that happened last year he can't just leave you for good!" I sighed deeply before getting up and wrapping my arms around her, "please don't let me ruin today for you Aubrey, I'll be fine I just need to rest for a minute. Go and dance with your husband." I spoke, pulling away from her and sitting back in the chair. She giggled slightly before grinning, nodding and running off towards Ray.

It wasn't long before Gavin made his way over to me and practically forced me to get up and dance with him, he never really was one to take no for an answer. It's been so long since I've had this much fun, I've never really let myself loose, not after Michael left. But it felt so good to just smile and laugh with my friends. I looked at each one of them in turn, my friends, watching how they laughed, how their mouth moved when they smiled and I could see the happiness in their eyes. My god was it good to see. I guess Aubrey noticed me smiling because she just beamed and me when I caught her looking at me, I'm glad I didn't ruin today for her by being miserable. Just because Michael left, doesn't mean everyone else should suffer for my feelings being hurt.


I stumbled through my apartment door, trying desperately to find the door to my bedroom. In the midst of all the fun I had had a tad too much to drink! I just about managed to fall into my room before I realised that I really needed to hurl! I quickly, but clumsily crawled across the floor and into the bathroom.

When I finally made it to my bed I was exhausted, but before I could sleep I had to check my phone, to see if by some chance I had a message from Michael. It was highly unlikely, but I was so hopeful. My heart sank when I looked at the eight words displayed on my screen from Gavin, 'Chloe I'm so sorry, Michael's found someone else.'

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