chapter 23

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Neymar's POV

Nikki was standing there looking at me with tears in her eyes. Shit. I called her over the loud music but I'm sure she didn't hear me. I walked her way to explain everything but she walked into the crowd, I looked for her but I just couldn't find her. I pushed people out the way but I had no sight of her. I ran around and asked some people if they had saw her, but they said no.

" did you see where Nikki went?" I shouted into Leo's ear so he could hear me. He nodded.

"She ran out the club. She didn't look ok, is something wrong?" He shouted in answer. I didn't even have time to explain to him I just thanked him and ran towards the main entrance pushing the people out of the damn fucking way. I got to the entrance and two security guards opened the big wooden doors for me, I ran outside but she wasn't there. fuck. Where did she go? I looked around to see if our limo was there and it was. The fuck? I walked back to the security guards and asked if they saw her.

"Did you guys see a girl wearing a black and gold dress walk out?" I asked the two big guys and they nodded.

"Yeah, The one crying right?" One of them asked. She was crying?

"Um, yeah, her." I said.

"Yeah, She ran out a few seconds before you and got into a taxi." The other man said and I nodded.

I was about to walk out the club and go to Nikki but someone grabbed my arm.

"Neymar, Where you going man?" Dani asked.

"Home, let go of me." I said pulling my arm out of his tight grip.

"Woah, woah, woah. You can't go anywhere it's your night man, that's why we're all here." Leo said showing up behind dani.

"Yeah dude, we won't let you go anywhere." Gerard said. What the fuck? Why are they showing up one by one? Leave me the fuck alone.

"Come on junior, Let's rage." Marc said grabbing my hand and pulling me back in the club.

"Guy's I really want to go home. I messed up. I need to explain everything to.." I said literally screaming but they couldn't hear me over the thundering music. They took me to a large table in the middle and everyone was standing around the table clapping and cheering. There was a huge cake in the middle with an NJR theme. It was a pretty cake, But I didn't want it, I wanted Nikki.

I didn't even notice what was happening I couldn't think straight, I snapped back to reality and heard everyone doing a countdown for me to blow the candles.

"3.....2.....1" Everybody yelled and cheered and started clapping and shit, and I blew out the candles.

"Did you make your wish?" Marc asked. Shit. I didn't make a wish. My brain was too distracted.

"Does the wish count after I blew out my candles?" I asked him and He shook his head.

"Nope, Sorry bro, Next year." He said and walked to the dance floor where everyone was, and I started walking towards the door again to go to Nikki but this time someone hugged me from behind and turned me around.

I turned around and.....fuck. What was she doing here? Who invited her?


Nikki's POV

I entered the pent house and walked straight to my room. I didn't even feel like cleaning up my makeup, or change my clothes, or even take my shoes off. I fell on my bed and started sobbing in my pillow. I never thought neymar would mean this much to me. NEVER.

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