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Chapter 10 ~ Guilty as charged

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The triplets were 10 weeks old when Harry finally came home. Louis was sketching in his book with the boys lying around him when Harry walked into the room, looking happy and energized.

“Harry!” Louis slowly jumped up from the bed, making sure the babies were fine before throwing his arms around Harry’s neck. “You’re home, you’re finally home!” Louis gushed into Harry’s neck. Michael and Saraqael whimpered pathetically looking around for the noise.

“I’m home, an angel now,” Harry said, holding Louis tightly to his chest. Louis opened his eyes, to look over Harry’s shoulders at the large white wings. They were folded and still shiney from being born. The taller man had long, large slits in the back of his shirt to give room for the large wings to rest comfortably. Harry wouldn’t be able to tuck his wings away completely until his skin on his back was healed.

“You did this for me,” Louis whispered, eyes wet as he looked at the painful red skin surrounding the runt of the wings.

“I did, I love you.” Harry said and Louis buried his face into the man’s chest. “Where’s Zayn?” Harry asked, looking around the room. He hadn’t looked through the whole house for the demon but he figured he would be with the babies.

“I don’t know, in his room?” Louis asked, frowning. He hasn’t heard anything from Zayn in a while. They weren’t able to look for the demon though because Michael decided he had enough of being ignored and wailed as loud as he could, kicking his legs out. Saraqael didn’t like the noise so he silently cried, huge tears falling down his cheeks. Gabriel just didn't care anymore, having fallen asleep.


Once all the babies were calm and happy the two angels set out to find the demon. It wasn’t hard, the man was in the backyard reading out of a book that Louis had been reading but recently finished.

“Hey Zayn,” Louis said softly, not wanting to startle the man. His senses were a little weaker while he was in heaven. The dark haired man turned to glance at Louis but seen Harry. His eyes widened and he stood up, rushing to the man much like Louis did to hug him. The hug was much manlier but it was to be expected.

“Dude, an angel now?” He asked and Harry nodded, turning to show Zayn his wings. “Wicked, did it hurt?” He asked and Harry sagged a little. It did hurt, a lot.

“How are you man?” Harry asked and Louis turned to walk back into the house. He would give them their friend time and feed the babies. They were probably hungry then Louis could put them down for a nap so he could have his own time with Harry.

They were all on the floor in the living room, wiggling around when Louis walked in. He counted three then walked to the kitchen to make the bottles. Once they were made, warm, he walked back into the living room, setting them on the table. He moved the babies to the couch, next to each other in their little U shaped pillows and set blankets on their chests to hold the bottles.

They were all suckling happily on their bottles when Zayn and Harry walked back into the house. Louis smiled, looking between the two. “How are my babies?” Harry asked and Louis beamed, looking down at the triplets. They have grown since Harry was last home.

Harry leaned close to Saraqael could see him and once the baby realized who he was looking at his lips parted, the bottle falling, and he waved his arms around. It startled the other babies and they looked around wildly. Their bottles fell also when they seen Harry and they screamed for him, reaching out. Harry chuckled, pulling them close on the couch so he could hug the three all at once, snuggling his face close to theirs.

Zayn was leaning against the wall, watching as his son screamed for Harry, slapping him as he was trying to pet his face. Once the three had their fix of their daddy they calmed down and sucked happily at the bottles that Harry replaced.

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