Chapter One

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"Have you ever wondered what being with a girl would be like?"

It's the question that takes the game of 20 questions up ten notches. Camila is the one to ask it, and she revels in the warmth of having caused the utterly surprised look on Lauren's face.

Lauren narrows her eyes and shrugs. "I mean, I've thought about it." Camila laughs. "Yeah, funny," Lauren says, tapping her chin in thought. "Oh, I've got one. Have you ever skinny dipped?"

Camila rolls her eyes, having a feeling that Lauren already knows the answer. In the terms of any past sexual experiences, it's an automatic no from Camila, and of course the light blush the happens to take over her cheeks. All of the girls in the group are quite aware of the face that Camila hasn't even had her first kiss yet - they've all had their turn of teasing her about it, too.

"No," she answers, reaching for the can of coke resting on the coffee table in front of her. She brings it to her lips, taking a big sip of the sticky sweet liquid and trying to come up with another good question for Lauren.

They've been playing the game for almost half an hour, and it's a surprise that the other girls are able to sleep soundly in their bunks through the occasional giddy laughs that come from Camila. She can't help it: whenever she's with Lauren, her usually hyper mood escalates for an unknown reason. Or, maybe not so unknown? It's... Lauren's nice, yeah? Camila might even has a little tiny crush on her. That might be a factor to her obnoxious noise-making.

And maybe it's been going on for a few months (or ever since they met on the X-Factor - is there a difference?), but it's not like she's in love with Lauren. No. She's definitely not.

So, pushing those feelings aside: "would you ever be with a girl?"

After she asks, Camila can feel the blush spreading up her neck and to her cheeks. Way to push those feelings aside. Lauren raises an eyebrow at her, eyes narrowing in suspicion, and Camila's stomach twists into nervous knots.

They stare at each other, and Camila is so sure she's just ruined their friendship. She's ruined the tower of progress they've been making over the past months: sharing secrets, helping each other get ready for shows, being best friends. And she's just knocked that entire tower down with the wrecking ball of a question, in a stupid game of 20 questions. It's unbelievably upsetting.

Camila's eyes are burning a hole into the floor beneath her when she hears it: a laugh. Not just any laugh, either - the same, warm laugh she's heard constantly since the X-Factor, and when she looks up, Lauren's smiling at her. "Camz, chill," she says, placing her warm hand on Camila's arm. "You don't have to get so red. It's not that weird of a question."

With relief flooding through her, Camila's chocolate colored eyes lock into place with Lauren's emerald ones. The taller girl removes her hand slowly, picking up her own drink and taking a long swig. Camila watches the way her hair falls down over her shoulders as she tips her head back, and resists the urge to reach out and run her fingers through it.

Lauren places the drink back onto the table and looks back at the table. "So. Oh, yeah - the question. Uh, I'd definitely..." It's Lauren who blushes this time. ".. Yeah, why not? Experimenting is pretty normal."

Camila bites the inside of her cheek and nods slowly, feeling like a bobble head. She forces the dirty images of Lauren and her out of her mind, because she knows it's not gonna happen.


Looking up, Camila is met with a thoughtful look on Lauren's face. "Yeah?"

"Would you be with a girl?"

Her stomach stirs as she looks back down at her hands. The perfect shade of blue nail polish on her nails looks ocean green under the lighting of the bus. "Yeah. Like what you said, about experimenting and stuff."

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