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Ok my friend is like the best person alive. Those ideas are just....WOW....

Your P.O.V
OMG OMG OMG OH MY ZAYN I GOT TICKETS TO SEE ONE FREAKING DIRECTION I CANT STOP SCREAMING OR CRYING AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH gosh deep breaths BEEP breaths ehm ok now I think I can handle my control for a while. Well as I said before I got tickets to see one direction 1 raw and backstage ok that is so damn cool but the best was the way I got them. I was in class and the teacher came in with a serious look and I thought I'm fucked up well she started the lesson and suddenly said. Well boys and girls do yo know one direction? Everyone looked at me. Oh how strange Well anyway I was just asking here are your test from last week you all did pretty well ok I'm not so fucked up as I thought. Anyway as the teacher passed the test she finally came to me. I took it and saw pinched on it was 2 first raw tickets for the show tonight. I screamed. Everyone looked at my direction(XD) with shocked looks except the teacher who was smirking. ONE DIRECTIOOOOOOOOOON INFECTION GOD IM GONNA SEE THOSE 5 SEXY STUPID BEAST LIVE FROM FIRST ROW!!!! I screamed Turn the page said my teacher and then I fainted. Backstage passes. Am I dreaming? Well wasn't that the best way of getting tickets. Oh you had to look the look on the faces of those bitches God that was amazing

*At th stadium*
The opening act, the intro, and then clouds. Oh yeah and a heart attack during all of them. Well anyway the show was in the middle and it was already dark. Today was a full moon. God what more romantic. Suddenly Harry started to sweat and look really anxious. About 10 minutes later he run off stage the boys said he didn't feel well but I didn't believe them. I said to my mum that I had to use the bathroom and ran outside where I spotted Harry run into a nearby forest. Nothing big but still kinda scary. I followed him inside and saw him stand in the middle of a clearing staring at the moon. His once green eyes now gold. He howled and jumped high. In a matter of second Harry changed into huge wolf around 2 meters tall with curly chocolate brown fur and big emerald electrify green eyes. I gasped he must heard as he turned his head. Thankfully he didn't see me. I stood there and when I made sure he left I just OMG dreams come true HARRY STYLES IS A WEREWOLF A HOT SEXY BEAST GOD OH MY GOD HIS ABS OH MY GOD ARE THE BOYS TOO. TWILIGHT WAS RIGHT BUT NOW HARRY IS JACOB. TEAM JACOB YOU MOTHER F***ERS. HARRY IS A WEREWOLF HARRY IS A WEREWOLF. I said You took it pretty well. I turned around to be met with a half naked Harry You heard? I said. I'm pretty sure the whole stadium did too he chukled. Then he looked into my eyes and growled mate ok can it get better? YES he said I said that out loud? No love but werewolves can mind like with other werewolves and their mates and as you are not a werewolf then. Ok dear Lord thank you. Harry chuckled again before cupping my face and kissing me sofetly. I melted into the kiss. God I want to taste those plunked pink lips more. Harry must wanted the same as we kissed for a good 7 minutes. When we were out of breath he stoped the kiss. Harry rested his forehead o mine And yes the boys are werewolves too he said smiling. Then took me bridal style back to the stadium were the boys took a break from the show. The looked at me then at Harry and back at me. Took you long enough said Louis and we came to me giving me a tight hug. Then the other boys followed best day ever? Well not as good as my wedding. Oops I said too much bye ;)

Hope you liked this too -.-

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