Harry was walking down a long corridor hearing a voice getting louder.

"Blood. I smell blood. Let me rip you. Let me kill you. Kill! Kill! Kill! "

"Harry!" said Hermione as Ron and Y/n followed to see Harry as if he heard something very wrong. 

"Do you hear it?" asked Harry looking around the corridor. 

"Hear what?" Ron said as Y/n and him exchanged a look.

"That voice.." 

"Voice? What voice?" asked Y/n.

"I heard it first in Lockhart’s office. And then again just—" 

"It’s time."

"It's moving. I think it's gonna kill." Harry said starting to run.

"Kill?" asked Ron scared. 

"Harry wait!! Not so fast!" Y/n said running after Harry with Hermione and Ron following. 

The four came upon a flooded corridor, with spiders crawling into a crack in the walls. Y/n turned abit and saw something that made her freeze. Hermione was about to speak when she saw it to. Ron got scared and tugged on Harry's robe. Harry turned to see upon the wall was a message.

"The Chamber of Secrets has been opened, enemies of the heir beware...it's written in blood." Hermione said feeling uncomfortable. 

Y/n saw Mrs. Norris, hanging by her tail frozen as if she looked dead. Students and teachers started coming from dinner and came upon the four and gasping at what was written on the wall.

" 'Enemies of the heir beware?' You'll be next mudbloods." Draco said as his mouth went into a sly smile. 

Y/n frowned at him and turned away, feeling betrayed. Mr. Filch started to make his way through the crowd.

"What going here? Come on make way make way." He started but stopped upon seeing his cat. 

"Mrs. Norris?" He whispered, then seeing Harry was the closest to the cat. 

"Potter...you murdered my cat."

"No.." Harry said as Mr. Flich grabbed his collar tightly, with anger."

"I'll kill you...I'll kill you!" 


Y/n was scared as she walked back to the common room, Hogwarts was getting dangerous by the minute.  Y/n walked into her room seeing Millicent asleep on her own bed. Y/n sat on hers and petted a sleeping Ash. Y/n sighed got into some pj's and started to write a letter to her parents before she went to sleep.

"Dear Beloved Mother and Father,

As my second year of Hogwarts is going through the year, I can't help but feel unsafe. I'll explain that more if something else happens. I made the Slytherin Quiddtich team. I'm seeker and I'm glad. Draco has been ok, he's hasn't been like himself when I spend the summer with him. I think I'm developing a crush on him. I'm still great friends with Harry, Hermione and Ron. I'll keep you updated, as the days go by,I might want to stay here for the holidays. I'm still not sure but I love you both and hopefully see you soon. 

~Warm regards~

~Y/n "

Y/n smiled softly and put in on her nightstand and fell into a deep sleep. 

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