Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: A proposal to Hope

Amy's POV:

15th January-
I've been thinking. Mostly about the Doctor and Hope. They have been dating for a while now and I think the Doctor should ask Hope to marry him! How cool is that?! I need to talk to him soon about the whole thing, because I seriously think they should get married. Amelia Pond, signing out. Until next time losers!

I had written my first entry in my new diary, and I was seriously going to talk to the Doctor about this. He and Hope are made for each other, and I wanted this to happen. I put the diary away and went into the console room to find the two lovebirds kissing. "Oi!" I said, smirking. "What was that rule about kissing on the console? Oh I think it was: Don't do it!" I walked over to the Doctor and said, "Do you have a minute? I need to talk to you."

We walked around and when we reached a secluded spot he asked me what was up. "I have been thinking. And I think that you should ask Hope to marry you." I bit my lip and took note of the fact that he looked quite lost when I said this. "You... you want me to... marry Hope? Marry her? Already??" he said, staggering backwards and sitting down. "I mean, I have been thinking about it but... okay. Okay. I'll do it. I'll ask her to marry me!" Hooray hooray, hallelujah praise the lord! I had worked my magic! It was going to happen! "Don't breathe a word to her. Not until you propose. You're going to need a ring."

The Doctor had dropped Hope at Bannerman Road and we were currently walking around Ealing, looking for a jewellers to buy the perfect ring. I still couldn't believe this was actually happening! I had made this happen! We walked into a shop where you could design your own ring, and we eventually got one that looked perfect. It was silver with a sapphire diamond planted in it, and around the edges were small Gallifreyan symbols. It looked gorgeous, and the only thing left to do was to plan out the evening of the proposal. Oh, I was getting so good at this!

It worked!!!! The Doctor is going to propose to Hope! So happy!!! The ring is beautiful, really really amazing. Tonight's the night, and the Doctor looks so nervous. It will go amazing though, I am sure...

Hope's POV:

The Doctor and I were going on another date! I was so excited. Where was he taking me this time? Hopefully it would be somewhere nice, because if it wasn't I would kill him!! Amy was in my room helping me pick out a dress for the evening, and we found one that looked great. It was scarlet, and it had a black hem and a fake rose sash around the waist. We found a nice necklace and some dangling earrings for me to wear, and then I sat down whilst Amy curled my hair. I sprayed on some perfume then looked in the mirror. "You look fantastic! Let's get you out there!" Amy said, herding me out of the room. The Doctor was stood by the doors, looking rather nervous for some reason. As soon as he caught my eye, he straightened his bowtie and told Amy to go. "Hey. You look stunning honey." he said, making my cheeks go redder than my dress. We stepped out into a meadow filled with flowers, and there was a little veranda with a table and chairs set up under it. There were candles and fairy lanterns in the sky, and in the distance was a hill, with a cascade of sapphire liquid trickling down the rocks.

We sat down and before starting our meal, the Doctor poured us some champagne and then stood up. He knelt down on one knee and I knew exactly what was coming. "Oh my stars." I whispered as he took a ring out of his blazer pocket. "Hope, from the day I met your I knew that you would be something special. And when I found out you were a Time Lord... well, how could anybody else compare? We are the last of our kind, and I never want us to be apart. And for that reason, Hope Richmond... will you marry me?" I gasped and smiled. "Yes." I said. "Yes, yes yes!" We were engaged!!!!!

Nobody's POV:

Far across space, a CCTV camera showed the scene that had just occurred. The Doctor and Hope had no idea that someone had set up a camera so they could see the whole thing and hear every word. "That little bitch." a voice said. "I knew something like this would happen, and it's my job to sort it out!"
Hope's POV:

The Doctor and I burst into the TARDIS to be met with Amy and Rory, who looked quite hopeful. "We're engaged!" I cried, and Amy pulled all of us into a big hug. Amy seemed to be a little too excited, so when we were celebrating later that night, I went over to her and said, "You knew he was going to propose, didn't you?" She nodded and I gave her a hug, whispering Thank you in her ear. I couldn't quite believe that we the Doctor and I were getting married! I loved him so much, and I couldn't wait to tell Sarah Jane and the others. I knew Luke would be a little upset, but if I was happy, surely he would be too!

The next morning, I woke up in the Doctor's arms, and thought about the plans for today. First we were going to Bannerman Road to tell Sarah and the gang. Then we were going to Rainbotumas to tell Megan and her friends. Then we were going to take a walk around London, looking for trouble of course!! What better way to spend a Saturday afternoon?

A/N- Hello! Short chapter, short but sweet. So, the Doctor and Hope are getting married! But who was watching? You're gonna have to wait and see. Happy reading!!

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