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"Awe they're so cute!" I heard someone say before I heard a click. I felt Luke stir and I opened my eyes to see 3 boys with their phones out taking pictures of me and Luke cuddled on the couch. "Shut up Ashton! You woke the love birds!" Calum teased. "Go away" Luke said burying his face in my neck. I shivered when his breath touched my skin. "It's 2 in the after noon!" Michael whined. I shot up and put my hair into a messy bun. The boys gave me weird looks "what? I have a date tonight I need to prepare" I giggled walking to the fridge and grabbing a water bottle and apple. I smiled at the boys and went in the back to grab my towel. I went in the bathroom and brushed my teeth hoping in the shower, I used my favourite strawberry soap and rinsed my body. I wrapped myself in my towel and grabbed the blow dryer and straightener from under the sink. I turned on some music from my phone and started blow drying my hair, when I was done I plugged in my straightener and began to straighten my hair. "Em! Luke said that we have to Change the time for the date it's now at 6 and it's 3:40 now" Ash called through the door. "Alright thanks" I yelled back. After 20 minutes my hair was done and I pinned some pieces back. I was still in the bathroom and in my towel so I unlocked the door and stepped out only to bunk into Luke. Before I could fall he pulled me into his chest. "Thanks" I giggle pushing off him. When he saw my appearance he blushed. "Oh um yeah it c-ool." he stuttered. He went to walk away but I grabbed his arm. "Where are we going? So I know what to wear." It's a surprise but shorts and a shirt should be fine. It's hot today." He smiled "okay thanks, see you at the bus doors at 6 then." "Yup that's in an hour and a half." He smiled back walking into the living room.

I looked in the mirror and did a twirl. My makeup was simple just some mascara and winged eye liner. I was wearing ripped shorts and a black tank top with a beige cardigan. I pulled out my phone and saw that it was 5:57. I put my wallet and phone in my over the shoulder bag and walked out to the living room to see the boys on the couch and Luke by the door. Calum whistled and Mikey barked. "Settle down boys! That's my sister." Ashton yelled. "You look beautiful sis" he said kissing my cheek. "thanks Ashley." I joked walking over to Luke. He had on black skinny jeans with a rip in the knees and a dark blue button up with his hair in a beany, in other words he looked hot. "Wow you look amazing!" Luke blushed giving me a small peck on the lips. "Ready?" he asked opening the bus doors. "Yup! Bye boys!" I yelled closing the bus door behind me. "You really look stunning Em" Luke smiled intertwining our fingers together. "Thanks Luke so do you" I smiled kissing his cheek. "We're walking I hope you don't mind, it's not far" I just smiled and nodded.

We stopped outside a ice cream truck and Luke ordered two cookies and cream cones. "My favourite." I smiled taking a lick. "I know" he smiled down at me. His blue eyes locked with mine and he stopped walking and leaned in. I closed my eyes and felt cold sticky stuff on my face. "Luke!" I giggled wiping ice cream off my face "I'll get you for that!" "Oh yeah you have to catch me first.!" Luke laughed running away. I started chasing him giggling, he was running really weird and in swiftly lines. He stopped outside a carnival entrance and turned towards me and smiled. "Well here we are." "How cliche hemmings" I giggled linking hands with him "only for you Irwin." He replied. "Where to first!?" Luke asked looking at all the rides. "Um the tea cups!" I yelled jumping up and down. "Right this way m'lady." He laughed walking towards the ride. "Two please" he smiled at the scruffy carnival person. He handed Luke two tickets and said "two dollars" Luke handed him the money and we found a spot before the ride started. Me and Luke couldn't stop laughing. We went on the tea cups at least 5 times then we went to the shooting range and Luke won me a stuffed penguin of course , then we went into the clown castle. We were now headed for the Fairs Wheel , our last ride. When we got in the booth it started to move. "Thank you so much for tonight Luke." "No problem babe." He replied giving me a long passionate kiss. Every time we kissed I still had butterflies and fireworks." When he pulled away I pouted. "Hey" I giggled pulling him in for another sweet kiss. This time I pulled away. Luke pulled out his phone and scooted closer to me. "Picture?" He asked holding up his phone. I nodded. We ending up taking at least 100 pictures of us doing silly faces. smiley faces and cute faces. When we got off the ride Luke showed me his screen saver. It was a picture of Luke smiling and me staring at him in a daze. "This is my favourite." He smiled putting his phone back in his pocket and linking hands.

When we got back to the bus I stopped Luke before he opened the door. We kissed and it ended being a make out session. When we pulled away we were both panting. "Thank you for tonight Luke I had so much fun I really do like you a lot." I smiled "I really like you a lot to. I mean you are my girlfriend." I giggled when he said that it sounded so weird to be called that. "And you. My boyfriend." I replied opening the door to have three boys fall out on my feet. "Ouuch" Ashton yelled when Michael fell on him. "Move your butt it's in my face!" Calum yelled pushing himself free. He scratched the back of his neck. "Um hey guys" he giggled. Me and Luke just looked at each other and laughed, we walked over the boys and into the bus. This date was amazing.

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