Chapter 6 (H's POV)

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-H's POV-

I follow them around and have a few fans run up to me. I act kind and sign autographs and take photos. A few hours later when PAX closes, we go home. I watch Rusher go invisible and teleport home, and I take a note of that power to use for later use.

When I get home, I sit on the couch and everyone stares at Grape and I. Glo yawns, “I’m going to sleep now. Feel free to join me.” Corinne sits on my lap and kisses my mouth. When we are done kissing we are alone in the living room.

I look at the clock, and see that it’s getting late. We both head to our separate bedrooms on opposite sides of the house. “Goodnight, Baby,” I tell Corinne as she goes to her room. I smile as I go and sit in mine and Grape’s room. Grape is asleep, and I wait around thirty minutes to make sure everyone is asleep. I creep out of my room and make myself invisible and sneak into Glo and Patricia, Devon’s girlfriend’s room. I grasp Glo’s neck and make her go to sleep for a while while I bring her to her new resting place: a wooden cage with a week’s supply of food and three gallons of water.

Under her is a pit of lava surrounded with four bins of water and an item recognizer.

I run back to the house and put a different clue on each of the good guys’ phones.

Graser’s states something so simple, yet difficult, “Pizza.”

Will’s says, “The British are coming; the British are coming.”

Tofuu’s announces, “Just like in Sleeping Beauty your princess is asleep. Go to the castle to progress in saving her. Watch out for the water.”

Rusher’s mentions, “Your cousins die here. They have for forty years by an Italian man.”

I go out the door to my first location: Domino’s Pizza. I walk inside of the location with a my pack of sticky notes and a pen. I write on the top sticky note “Go to the townhouse restaurant owned by Maria, and order the scallops and lobster ravioli.”

“Can I order one large cheese pizza please?” I order.

“Will that be all?” the cashier asks me in a monotone voice.

“If I pay you $10 extra will you put this sticky note under the pizza top?” I ask.

“Yeah, sure. Your total is $17.60,” the cashier says taking the sticky note. “What’s your name?”

"Graser, my name is Graser," I say then hand him a twenty and hand him the sticky note then leave.

Next I go to Paul Revere’s home. I walk up to a woman at the front desk, “How long will you be working today?”

“All day,” she replies.

“Can you take this sticky note and give it to a man who’s a little taller than me and skinnier. He’s British. His name is William,” I ask.

“Um, yeah I guess. Is it for a scavenger hunt type thing and he’s one of your students?” she questions.

“Yeah. Here,” I answer handing her the sticky note which has the following written on it: ‘Freedom is along this walkway. Look toward the trees!’ “Thank you!” I say as I leave.

I go to the castle by taking the boat, and I ask the captain, “Are you the only boat captain that goes to the Castle?”

“Yes. Do you need anything?” he asks.

“Yes, can you give this sticky note to a man named Joe or Tofuu?” I ask kindly.

“Yeah sure no problem,” he says taking the sticky note that says this address: ‘200 Clarendon Street.’

I teleport over to the butcher and walk in. “Hey there! What’cha looking for?” the man says at the counter.

“Um, yes, can I place an order for a friend?” I ask him.

“Yeah sure what kind of meat, and what’s your pal’s name?”

“Ground beef, and Rusher,” I say smiling. “Also can you do me a favor? Can you put this sticky note along with the meat?”

“Yeah no problem! Will he be paying for the meat, and would you like it cooked?”

“I’ll pay, and sure!” I say pulling out my wallet.

“That’ll be $40.43,” the Italian man says.

I hand him the money and the sticky note. The sticky note says this: ‘Are you crazy for improv?’

I then teleport to mine and Grape’s room and go to sleep.

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