Meeting him

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Lira P.O.V: i was getting ready to go to the club. I put on my red short dress that show all my curves and my black red bottoms i head out the door to my black range rover that had tan interior. I pulled up in the parking lot and parked walking inside of the club, and everyone was turnt the fuck up, they was playing meek mill dreams and nightmares. The promoters had call out this dude named august alsina, TBH i ain't going to lie but he was sexy as fuck i just wanna NVRM i got out of my thoughts and started dancing and i saw my friend Alexis she was light skinned pretty about 5'6 im 5'0 so she is taller than me she came over to me yelling nd shit all hype. Hey boo i said

Hey baby Alexis said, so you want to get a drink she suggested 

Sure i said so we was drinking busting off of people and laughing and that's when he caught the corner of my eye i ignored and i felt somebody tapping my shoulder.

August P.O.V: I was jamming to meek mill dreams and nightmares and i saw this beautiful girl she had a body of a goddess that had phat ass with it she look short I couldn't stop staring at her she was bad as fuck so I was looking at she looked but turned away so I walked ove to her and tap her on her shoulder she turned around wow she even more beautiful close up

Hey beautiful how are you doing I said

Im doing okay i guess she said

Well okay but im august...august alsina I said shaking her hand

Well hi im lira mercer but other people call me lira galore she said shaking my hand and smiling

Her friend was walking away but wasn't worried about her.

Would it be nice for me to get to know better I suggested

Sure she said while sipping on her drink and putting it down

I grabbed her hand and we was walking outside the club heading to her car she look like she was drunk but i got here in a limo so i found her car shit I almost thought i was my car for a second.

I put her in her car, closed her door going to the driver side and getting in, she look like she was about to fall asleep so she did and i decided to go at my house cause ion even know where she live.

So I pulled up at the parking garage and parked i got out the car went on her side a got her out carrying her I put her down so she can unlock the house, she unlock the house and her was laid.

Lira P.O.V: I unlock my house with august behind me. I was drunk and horny, so I took off my dress in front of him, I did that on purpose,I looked at him and he was bitting his lip i had on a matching black panties and bra. So I walk over to him while my heels was click clacking on the floor he grabbed my waist and started kissing and nibbled on my neck and went for my lips.

Yall know what happened after that I hope yall like it this is my first book sorry for the mistakes if i had some.
But i will probably start on the next chapter Friday. So get ready for next chapter on Friday. LOVE YALL✌

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