Chapter Three:Room Adjustments

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Yooo summer is my favorite because you can like be free and shiz,Idk I just love it.


Derek and Stiles pulled an all nighter, of course they kept up conversation so that they could both stay awake. Derek had bags under his eyes as they finally pulled into the beach house drive way. It was still dark out maybe dawn, everyone was out cold everyone except Derek and Stiles of course.

He shut the car off making the dull lights from inside of the car glow. Stiles looked at him and stifled a yawn, he really just wanted to sleep so long that drool would flow out of his mouth for hours endlessly. Even if that sounded pretty gross.

Derek shut off the ignition with a heavy yawn almost waking up everyone because it was so loud. Stiles smacked Scott's knee scaring him awake. Scott ended up knocking Allison's head off his shoulder jolting her awake. Allison let out a small yawn as she rubbed at her eyes, she almost looked like a child doing that. Scott had droopy eyes but shook Isaac's shoulders, Isaac muttered something under his before smacking Scott on the chest aggravated.

"Everybody get up, we're here!" Derek spoke loud enough to scare everybody awake.

Derek opened his door and climbed out of his seat, his joggers showed off his butt that Stiles couldn't help but glance at, let's just say it's because he's sleep deprived. Stiles opened his car door also and trudged to the trunk shutting the door behind himself. He could hear everyone moving tiredly in the car, Derek opened the trunk and handed him his bag. Stiles took it without saying a word and started walking towards the gigantic beach house.

Stiles could hear everyone walking behind him now. Derek walked past everyone including Stiles and grabbed a key hidden under the welcome mat. How original. Stiles rolled his eyes as Derek unlocked the door. The door creaked as it opened. Derek stepped through and Stiles followed right behind him it was absolutely stunning in the house.

It was like any beach house in any summer movie ever and Stiles couldn't deny that he loved it right when he walked passed the doorway. Derek stopped in front of all of them his tired eyes suddenly serious, his jaw set and his grip on his bag a lot tighter.

"No one, and I mean no one is allowed in that room." Derek pointed towards a door that was all the way at the end of the hallway, " And I mean it."

Stiles nodded even though curiosity was burning inside his gut. Derek seemed to visibly relax, his eyes only tired again. He leaned on the nearest wall and sighed, his hair looked soft especially since he looks so cute in Stiles' eyes.

Again he told himself it's just the sleepiness messing with his brain. Everyone seemed well rested everyone besides Derek and Stiles that is. Stiles just wanted to plop onto the couch and sleep for an entire day.

Derek looked at Stiles and noticed his tired eyes, "Okay, rooms."

"Can I share one with Allison!" Scott blurted out.

Stiles scrunched up his nose, he could just imagine the endless no sleeping between the two it was sickening to him. Derek seemed to catch on because he automatically shook his head no with disgust written all over his face.

"No, Lydia and Allison and Erica that's your guys room." Derek pointed to a closed door and the girls nodded and trudged to their room.

"Scott, Isaac, and Jackson that room." Stiles looked at Derek with astonishment and anger.

Derek saw Stiles' expression and looked at him with apologetic eyes. Scott shrugged as if he could care less and walked to his room with Isaac and Jackson on his tail. So now it was just Derek and Stiles alone in the living room.

"Let me guess i'll have a room all to myself excluded from the others?" Stiles sassed making Derek raise an eyebrow.

"Actually I was going to say, you and I will be sharing a bedroom." Stiles felt his cheeks redden and Derek gave him a soft smile.

"Fine." Stiles grumbled and Derek started walking towards the room Stiles followed behind him.

"I have to warn you this is my old room so it's full of pictures and idiotic teenage stuff." Derek opened his door.

"You've already seen my room it can't be any worse." Stiles muttered walking into his room.

Derek snorted and Stiles grinned, Derek's room just screamed teenager and Stiles couldn't help but laugh. Derek's room was painted blue, his bedsheets matched his walls and his desk was full of framed photos of himself as a teenager with his friends and family.

Stiles stood there in shock this was a whole different side of Derek that he was exclusively seeing. Stiles was one hundred percent sure that Derek woukd probably not let anyone else in his room besides Stiles and that's only cause they were roommates. Stiles set his bag down and went directly for the pictures, there was one of just Derek and all of his siblings.

There had to be about seven of them, it was odd seeing this fir Stiles, Derek never really talked about his family. But seeing him smiling with all of his siblings that all almost looked exactly alike which was mind blowing even for Stiles. He heard shuffling from behind him and looked back with a sheepish smile.

"Sorry." Stiles mumbled.

"It's okay, I'm going to shower and head to bed I'll use the bathroom out there and you can use the one in here if you want." Derek dug through his bag and Stiles nodded.

"Yeah, thanks." His eyes travelled to the trophies aligned on the wall, there were maybe over fifteen plus medals or blue ribbons.

Derek hummed something before walking out the room clothes in his hands. Not until he left that Stiles had noticed there was only one bed in there, does that mean that one of them would have to sleep on the floor for a month? He grabbed clothes out of his bag still thinking about the whole sleeping arrangement.

Stiles slipped into the bathroom locking the door behind himself. He kicked off his shoes and stripped off his clothes. He stood there bare naked, he looked at himself in the mirror.

The moles scattered around his body were like small splotches on his skin. He sighed before stepping into the shower, Stiles turned on the water letting it spray against his figure. He grabbed soap that has yet to be opened. He squirted some on his hand and scrubbed it on his body.

Small suds formed all over his body and he shut his eyes just the feel of the water on his skin made him even more sleepy. Stiles washed all the soap off and shut turned the water.He cautiously stepped out and grabbed the fresh towel from the rack and dried himself.

After he made sure he was completely dry, he slipped on his pajamas. He left the bathroom to see Derek collapsed on the bed his wet hair making damp patches on his pillow. Stiles slowly and carefully walked into the room scared he might wake Derek. Stiles threw his dirty clothes behind his bag just to put them somewhere until he could find a hamper of some sort. The floor creeked under one of his steps and he winced.

"Stiles?" Derek murmured half asleep.

"Er, sorry." Stiles smiled sheepishly.

"Erm' ist fine." Derek slurred sitting up his eyes droopy.

"Well I'll just go to the couch, do you have a spare blanket?" Stiles looked around the room humming.

"No, no, no, we can just share a bed... unless you're uncomfortable?" Derek rubbed at his eyes.

"Oh! Okay...?" Stiles felt his eyebrows go up but he only shrugged and shut off the bedroom light.

Stiles sat on the other side of the bed, Derek slipped on the covers and turned his back to Stiles. Stiles did the same and turned his back to Derek so that their backs were barely touching. Derek's warmth was radiating under the blanket and Stiles had to admit he enjoyed it.Derek's warmth was nice.

Derek's breathing evened and Stiles shut his eyes finally relaxing. Derek was probably too tired to think about how they were barely touching. Or the fact that we were sharing a bed. Stiles felt the heaviness of his exhaustion finally hit him and his mind started to slow.

Maybe sharing with him wasn't so bad after all.

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