Chapter 12

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The door to Erebor was now open, as they entered Erebor Silver started to feel anxiety. Thorin had sent down Bilbo to search for the arkenstone so all she could do was to wait. She sat down and leaned against the wall, she felt her hands shake she started taking deep breath to try to calm down. But it was not working, knowing that Smaug near she wanted to make him pay but since this was not her quest it was Thorin’s and she did not want to destroy his quest, she would wait for Bilbo to return then would she face Smaug. “Are you alright Silver? You are shaking” She looked up and saw Thorin “I’m fine” She said and looked away “You are lying Silver, tell me what’s wrong” Thorin said as he sat down next to her “Being so near Smaug gives me anxiety” “Every normal person has fear for a dragon but you can’t let the fear paralyze you” Thorin said and put his arm around her shoulders “You are right” She whispered and kissed him, if she was to die facing Smaug she wanted to have kissed the man that she loved at least one time. She was surprised when he kissed back she never thought he would. When they pulled away from the kiss they gazed at each other but before any of them could say word the floor started to shake “Smaug has woken” Balin shouted. She shot up from the floor, grabbed a sword and started making her down the stairs “Where are you going?!” Thorin shouted after her “To help Bilbo!”

When she had almost reached the bottom of the stairs she saw gold everywhere “What are you doing here?! Run Smaug has awoken” Bilbo shouted as he ran up the last to stairs to her, but before she could answer she heard the gold moving. She looked up and saw Smaug stand before her eyes “Silver you have finally returned to me” Smaugs voice rumbled through the hall. “How does Smaug know your name?!” she turned around and saw Thorin but before she could even think of an answer Smaug said with an amused voice “So you have not told them Silver, you kept our past a secret” She wanted to run and hide, she did not wish for Thorin to find out about this “She was to be my wife” Smaug said. Thorin stared at her with an angry gaze “You lied to me!! You said you were to marry the king!!” Thorin roared at her “She was not lying Thorin Oakenshield, I’m the king of the wizard kingdom” Smaug said “You knew this and did not tell me” Thorin said with a sad voice “I’m so sorry Thorin I should have told you from the beginning” She said with tears in her eyes “But you did not” Thorin said, she could see the hurt of betrayal in his eyes “Step away from my queen so I can end you all” Smaug roared “I will not let you hurt any more people” She roared back, even if Thorin hated her she would do anything to protect him “Do not anger me Silver, don’t you remember what happened the last time you angered me” Smaug roared “Of course I remember do you truly think I could forget all the lives you took because of me, the guilt it gave me it almost drove me to death” She spat at him “I will not let you harm anymore people” She whispered “Do you think you can stop me I’m a dragon” Smaug said, he was clearly amused “Now it is you that have forgotten, you are not a dragon you are a wizard” “Like it makes a difference you are not strong enough to beat me. Now stop this nonsense and take your place as my queen this is your last chance.” “No this is your last chance surrender or die” She said in a deadly voice “Do you think you can scare me” Smaug laughed. She ran down the last stairs with the sword in her hand. Smaug looked at her with a mocking gaze “Even if I’m not a dragon no ordinary blade can pierce my skin when I’m in my dragon form” She ran the last bit to Smaug and laid her hands on his scale with all in her mind was protecting Thorin, she herd Smaug starting to roar in pain. Having Smaug theatning to hurt the dwarf she loved made her forget the last doubt she had on herself, she had now truly connected back with her magic. She knew whatSmaug said was true but in his wizard form he was not invulnerable, her plan was to cause him so much pain that he would involuntary change back. Smaug continued roaring with pain and she started to see him change, now he was back in his wizard form. She walked up to Smaug and drove her sword though him “You can’t harm anyone anymore” She whispered to him as he died. 

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