Chapter 1

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Jazmin's POV
"Jazmin,can you come here for a second" my teacher Mrs. Romon asked. "Sure" I said. She told me that I am one of the 10 people to be drafted in the new elective. I heard you have to be at least 18 to be chosen. I guess I got lucky. She told me I had to go to the gym's back room. Anyone who had this elective was excused from P.E. I was happy about that. Oops I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Jazmin. I have short black curly hair and light brown eyes. I have golden brown skin. Well,when the bell rang, I ran out and headed for the gym. When I got their it was dark and then the lights flipped on. The teacher said that this elective was a self elective with no supervision. He paired each girl with a boy. There were 5 girls and 5 boys then the teacher left and we were told to go in the back the girls going one way and boys the other. The girl there was a cheerleader. She told us to strip down and she handed us skirts and crop tops. I was given a turquoise and black skirt and black crop top. Then she told me to head straight. When I ran into a door I opened it and it straight looked like a nightclub. I looked for m y partner since the others were doing that too. I found him. His name is Jordan.
Jordan's Pov
She looked beautiful. I found her and she asked me what we were supposed to do. I thought she was playing around so I took her to the bar and she had ten vodka shots and then she was drunk I explained to her what we were supposed to do but she wasn't listening. Then she walked off to another guy. I was pissed when he started kissing her and trying toward her in the backroom. I straight went up to the guy and told him to go find his partner. Then I lead her on the back room and payed her down. We didn't have sex though because I wanted her to be sober. Then all our parents were notified that we would be staying for the rest of the year eating sleeping and living in the gym. So I fell asleep in the same bed. She woke up the next morning with a massive headache and I told her " you know that in this elective every pair is supposed to have sex " she looked at me and burst into tears at the thought and the I reassured her that we didn't do it. Then she left to get anew outfit. Later that night she got drunk again and some guy was leading her into the back room but she wasn't drunk enough she fought but couldn't get away I ran after her but couldn't get to her in time.
Jazmin's POV
I remember that Chris took my virginty and it was not fun. I told him to stop. At first he told me he wasn't going to do any thing but he kept coming closer and closer and soon I was back against the wall. He kisses me and he was grabbing my butt and boobs. He tried to take me to the back room but in the end he did. He started trailing kisses from my neck down to my breasts. I told him to stop but then he took off his pants and came into me. I told that he took my v- card. I cried.

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