Chapter 4

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Monday at lunch, I set out to seek my friends. It was surprisingly hard considering that I've never been in the cafeteria.

"What on earth are you doing here?!" Riley shrieked, "You never come in here."

"I made plans, so, someone should be joining us." As soon as I finished my sentence, their faces looked at me with concern, so I added, "If... that's okay?"

"Sure. Who is it?" Keagan questioned.

"Me!" Josh answered as he took a seat beside me, giving them his award winning smile.

It was Maggie's turn to speak now, "Jen, why didn't you mention that Josh Smith would be sitting with us today?"

Josh answered for me, "She probably just forgot. Oh, and also, I plan on sitting here with her for the rest of the year.... IF I have you guys' permission."

When he stopped talking, everyone's mouths hung wide open, including mine. "J..J..Josh, are you sure you want to?" I managed.

"Of course I'm sure, Jenson, why wouldn't I be?"

"What would your friends say?"

"They don't control where I sit, besides, they insisted that I do."

Maggie spoke up, "And why would they do that?"

'Look at her, she's pretty, not to mention, they all love that great ass of hers." They all laughed and I choked.

"Anyway, on a more serious note, Jen, you wanna grab dinner and a movie later?"


"Why else? A date, duh."

"Oh my word, the spectacular Josh Smith wants to go on a date with my? Ha-ha. No."


"No, I won't go with you."

"Give me a good enough reason?"

"You're Josh Smith."

"And you're Jenson Rose Calhoun."

"Just go with him, Jen, you'll have fun. You deserve it." Maggie said as she nodded her head in a 'yes' motion at Josh and shit me a murderous glare.

"Fine. It's a date. Pick me up at five, don't be late." Then the bell rang, signaling for us to go to class.


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