Y/N P.O.V.

“Y/n!” I hear my amazing boyfriend call from his bedroom. Dan and I have been dating for the past two years. Only our family and our closest friends know. You know why? Dan is a YouTube star with millions of fan girls. The thought of a public relationship scares him. He is scared I will receive hate and isn’t’ sure we are going to last. A break up in the public eye is the worst possible scenario for us, it scares him.

I open the door to his room and he is setting up the camera. “you need help filming?” I ask. “Yes.” He says shyly. “I want you to be in the video with me.” My eyes widen in shock. “What did you just say?” I ask fearing my ears are deceiving me. “I want you to be in the video with me. I don’t’ want to hide you any longer.” I feel myself staring to tear up. Coming out would mean we can hold hands in public, going on dates like normal couples. “I would love that.” I say with a smile.

“What did you have in mind?” I ask. “well Y/N funny you ask.” Omg he’s such a dork, my dork. “I thought we could do the girlfriend/boyfriend tag. But with our own twist of course.” “And what is that twist you had in mind?” “well I wanted to make a competition.” What is he talking about. “A competition?” I ask. “you know three  rounds, screw the ordinary questions.” “what questions do you want to use?” I thought I could ask some of our YouTube friends to make up questions. I could send the a DM on twitter right now.” “sounds like a plan!”

[Four hours later]

Dan turns on the camera, my heart is beating so fucking fast right now. I could get a heart attack any moment. “Hello internet! Today I wanted to introduce you to someone very important to me.” Okay he told me to jump into view at this moment but I can’t. ”Y/N come on you had to jump into view.” See I remembered but my body doesn’t move. I shyly shake my head, embarrassed about my behavior. “Babe, what’s wrong.” “I can’t do this.” He looks at me worried. “If you don’t want to I’m not going to force you.” But I want to please understand. ”I want to it’s just…” “Take your time to explain.” “It’s just, I can’t talk to a camera, I can’t talk to people. Because that is what your camera is isn’t it. You camera are millions of people.” I turn bright red.

“I can edit all of that out, jump into view when you are ready.” I nod and jump into screen. “It’s me!” I jell. “And you have no idea who I am.” I mumble hiding my face in Dan’s jumper. “Aww look at you all confident before turning all cute and shy. They are going to know who you are around now.” He says before continuing “This is Y/N my girlfriend.” I bury my face even further in his chest. “Don’t send her hate. Well who could send hate to this cutie.” I move my head completely hiding behind Dan at this point. Why am I so shy, why can’t I be normal. He love teasing me with this and he’s not going to stop.

As expected he keeps teasing me throughout the whole video. But as the video continuous I get more talkative. Still turning a lovely shade of dark red every now and then. By the end of the video there is nothing left of the little shy girl at the beginning.

[Two weeks later]

Most people support us after the video. I think it’s because most fans admire I put up with the hiding for so long. Today we finally we have our first real date. We are at this lovely restaurant down the road when two girls approach us.

3Sorry if we interrupt but can we take a picture, it’s ok if you don’t want since you are on date.” “who says I’m on a date?” Dan cheekily responds. “If we remember correctly for your last video that pretty girl is your girlfriend.” They are calling me pretty. I can feel my face heat up. “well you remember correctly.” They laugh and take pictures. “you would be good at making videos. Are you going to start making them?” The girls say to me. I don’t respond. “Babe they asked you a question.” I shake my head. Dan you know I don’t’ like talking to strangers. “I’ll think about it.” I mange too get out.” Now they are leaving.

“Dan you ass! You know I don’t like strangers!” I half yell at him. “I know, you just look so damn cute when you get all shy.” “Dan stop!” I try to hide my face behind my clutch.

“Maybe they are right, if you start making videos you maybe get over you shyness.” I like the sound of that. “I would like to try but I don’t’ know anything about cameras and editing.” “If only you had an extremely sexy boyfriend that know all that stuff.” I says. I can’t help but laugh.

[The next day]

I’m turning on the camera. “Hi world!”

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