As I walked into chemistry I saw that one of the cheerleaders, Lauren,  was sitting in the spot next to Nicki.  Nicki was obviously doing this as payback for not telling her all the details about Patrick's and I's study session yesterday.  

 Looking around I saw that the only seat that was available was the one next to Patrick, as luck would have it.  Slowly I walked over trying to not make a scene.  Out of the corner of my eye I checked to see if Nicki was watching me but she wasn't.  Instead she was in a deep conversation with, Lauren.  

 Slowly I sat down next to Patrick, the ironic part was even Patrick didn't notice that I had sat down beside him.  He was too busy writing down notes with his chemistry textbook open.  It was like I was invisible to everyone this afternoon.  Not that I minded because normally I was the center of attention.  It was actually pleasant.

 Taking out my notebook I started to sketch molecules in interesting shapes.  I got consumed in the the drawing, carefully making sure I made the circles look like circles.

 I felt someone tap my shoulder causing me to flinch.  Looking up I saw Patrick studying my sketches in my notebook.

 "Nice molecules." Patrick told me observing them closely; trying not to miss a single detail.

 "Thank you." I said while looking at Patrick.  He was still looking at my sketch, his glasses were sliding toward the bottom of his nose.  

 "Do you sketch a lot?" Patrick asked me, taking his eyes of the sketch and focusing his attention directly on me.

 Before I could reply the bell had rang and in walked Ms. Lillis.  I could tell that this would be a long hour because her mascara was running slightly.

 "Are you okay, Ms. Lillis?" A student from the back of the room asked her.  

 Ms. Lillis stopped in her tracks and stared at us like we were ghosts.  I was correct, this will defiantly be a very long hour for all of us.  

 "I forgot I had you kids now." Ms. Lillis started to cry.  

 I sighed and grabbed a few tissues out of my backpack, after I grabbed a good handful I stretched my hand out giving them to her. 

 "Thank you, Peyton." Ms. Lillis sniffled.

 If you listened closely you could almost hear half of the class sigh in exasperation at the same time.  It was almost funny.

 "I didn't really have a lesson planned so why don't you all work on your chemistry projects." Ms. Lillis sighed and sat down in her oversize chair  pulling out her makeup bag.  

 Patrick leaned over and took out his iPad putting it on the table in front of him.  I took flipped the pages in my notebook to the page where I had wrote down a few chemical reaction formulas.

 "You did some research?" Patrick raised his eyebrows in shock.

 "You didn't think I was going to make you do all the work, did you?" I asked Patrick.

 Patrick shrugged his shoulders in response.  

 I rolled my eyes at him playfully before we both started snickering.  A couple of the other students started looking at us.  I wasn't quite sure if they were looking at us with shock or with aggravation for making noise.

 Patrick took my notebook and started looking at the forumlas.  Before I could say anything he started writing them down in his notebook.

 "Why did you write them in your notebook?" I asked a little confused.  

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