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Juliet ran out to her friend Lexi's car, grabbing her jacket and purse on the way.

"Let's go! We're probably late by now!" Lexi honked the car's horn, for the millionth time.

"Lexi, you're overreacting. We won't be that late." Juliet climbed in, already fixing her lip gloss. Next to her, Lexi did the same. The girls were practically sisters. They had the same long blonde hair, girly style, and interests. Whenever one came to the other's house, their mother would make a comment like, "If it isn't my second daughter."

"Juliet. This is the biggest party of the year! Everyone will be there!" Lexi drove to where a huge house was. The party host was the head cheerleader, Ariella. Ariella wasn't the typical bossy, bitchy, stereotype cheerleader you'd expected. She was actually nice, and invited as many people as possible to her parties.

"Lexi, you are crazy." Juliet rolled her eyes, and looked out the window.

"That is why we're best friends." Lexi smiled. She leaned over, into Juliet's purse and pulled out a mini mirror.

"Lexi! You already checked your makeup!" Juliet grabbed the small mirror from her friend.

"Who says I can't do it again?"

Juliet resumed looking out the window. "We're here, Lexi."

The girls climbed out. The party was huge, held outside. Juliet could already see the party area, behind the house. It was hard not to see it, since Ariella liked to go over-the-top with her parties.

"This is huge, Juliet! Who knows what's back there, I mean Ariella could have a DJ or a disco ball! And just imagine the food!"

"Just don't go too crazy. You're my ride home."

"Can do."

Ariella appeared from inside the house, holding a cooler full of soda and drinks. "Lexi! Juliet! So happy you made it!"

"Me too." Juliet reached into the cooler, pulling out a can of Coke. "How many people are already here?"

"Don't know. Can't count them all."

Lexi and Juliet followed Ariella to the yard. There were lights hanging from the outside wall, and they spun around in different colors. Music was playing from a radio, and there was already a large amount of people dancing. A table was nearby, filled with chips, mini hot dogs, and some foods Juliet couldn't name. "You really went all out, Ariella."

"I know. It is the party of the year, so I have to!" Ariella offered a drink to Lexi, and put down the cooler. "Have fun!" She walked off, dancing into the crowd.

The girls stood and sipped their drinks, looking around. They weren't exactly dancers, so they watched whatever went down on the dance floor.

"Where are you going, Lexi?" Juliet watched her friend join the dancers. She silently shook her head, laughing to herself. This was typical Lexi behavior. Crazy, fun, daring, and once again, crazy.

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