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Sooooo I've returned with another chapter of this strange story..

I've been reading a lot of Kellic for some reason and I've notice they say Enticing a lot.. Just thought that was strange.

Anyways here's Gee


"Gerard, what is that may I ask?"

I looked up at my art teacher and smiled sheepishly. I looked down at my little sketches of masked heroes defending a town.. or was it city?

I couldn't remember..

"Just another sketch.." I finally replied after a few seconds.

"Gerard.. That is not another sketch, that is art. You should sign up for the art competition.." She started the same old subject she always did, and I looked at her. "Please."

"Maybe I will." I stated and this time it seemed like I wasn't lying, I actually wanted to be in it this time. "Yeah, yeah I think I will."

She squealed and sped off, probably to find the sign up sheet yet she was stopped by the not so perfect student whose name I had not learned yet. But he always asked to leave a couple of seconds before the bell.

I packed away my things as he walked past me, leaving the classroom. Sure enough two seconds after he left the bell rang signaling for us to all leave. Usually I'd speed out as fast I humanly could to avoid too many people but today the weather was essentially nice so I slowed down just a bit.

I took in the cool gentle breeze as I walked to my least favorite class. Actually, I hardly liked anything about this strange academy but my one art class and everyday I'd regret choosing this terrible Spanish class instead of music or something else.

I hated Spanish because the man never taught us anything, he'd make us sit down and translate whatever words we chose into Spanish and then we'd turn it in for a grade, while he sat back and shamelessly flirted with the cute Hispanic girls. He wouldn't let us study for test or anything, you either knew it or you didn't.

Let's just say I didn't.

Incidentally, I was deep in my thoughts of strong dislike for that class since I had apparently bumped into this boy. We both turned our heads to look at one another, and quite honestly.. I'm glad we did.

Everything about him was perfect, everything from his tattooed skin, to his short height. He was just flawless and adorable yet dangerously attractive all at the same time.

Gerard.. What?

He shook his head and looked down," Sorry, man.. Should've paid attention." His voice smooth and a little deeper than I'd expected. Even his voice is cute..

Gerard Way.. Your gay is officially showing.

I shook my head not knowing what to say as his brown eyes studied me, as much I tried to suppress it I clearly blushed. His pink lips formed a smile, and that made him all the more attractive. "Maybe I'll see you around."

I smiled and nodded, too afraid to even say anything. He just waved a little before taking off, and I waved back before speeding my way to class.

My mind never wandered from the mysterious cute boy that day.


I woke up by sudden chuckles, I panicked and sat up quickly. That was a terrible idea since my drawing papers and homework were stuck to my face from the nap I took on them. I searched the room, yet no one was there.

I furrowed my brows, until I realized that laughing was from passerby's. It was dark in my dorm so like any normal person I wondered what time it happened to be.

3:00 A.M

My eyes widened and I looked around to see if anything was lurking in the shadows ready to pop out and frighten the living day lights out of me.

I am allowed to be paranoid, aren't I?

I noticed that other than my usual notifications, I had a text message from an unknown number. I checked it out just in case if it was Mikey trying to pull some strange prank on me.

From: Unknown

Hey babe, miss me?

For the second time that night my eyes widened and I panicked. I ran straight to my room without a second thought and I jumped on the person who laid in there. I heard a groan hinting he was in fact awakening.

"What?" My brother Mikey groaned about the fact that I was shaking him like a crazy person. "Gerard, get.. off.. of.. me.. Idiot!"

"Who is this?! How'd they get my number?!" I exclaimed shoving my phone in his face, quite literally. He smacked my hand and grabbed the phone so he could read it properly.

He scowled, set my phone down and laid down to proceed sleeping. I started smack at him furiously questioning him in the process. He yelled out just a bit.

"You should know! I gave the dude you were texting on my phone your number." He told me, more of whined the whole thing. "He wanted to know who you were.."

I instantly stopped and furrowed my brows, why?

I almost asked Mikey that same question but I could see he was already asleep again.

Wait, why is he in my bed?

I'll come back to that one..

Getting back onto my phone I started to respond to that strange boy.

To: Unknown

Who said I was your babe? ●﹏●

A/N Sooooo anybody enjoying the Grammies?? Honestly I don't really like it this year..

I liked AC/DC and Sia though.. That was pretty rad..

Thank you, Frerard Lovers.


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