December 16th at 7pm

It was a lazy day today, spent half the day looking for an apartment for me and Tyler because mom's house is getting a little crowded, especially cause Kallie spends most of her time here and Shor lives with us too.

Hopefully Kallie will move in with me.

Speaking of my beautiful girlfriend, I bought her a promise ring BUT Roger, the guy who helped me pick it out, still hasn't gotten it yet.

I messaged him, called him at least 4 times, but still nothing.

So I'm here scrolling through apartments.

"Knock knock" a beautiful voice rang through my ears, I spun the chair around and came face to face with Kallie and Tyler  "Hey sweet thang" I nodded at her, she smiled and rolled her eyes at me shaking her head, oh how her flawless hair moves along with it. I'm in too deep.

"Hi handsome"

"Anthony!!!" Tyler screamed running into the room, I opened my arms and he came embracing me in his small little arms "Hi baby boy! What's up?" I smiled "I was with Kallie and we were eating ice cream" he said

"Anthony what are you doing?" He asked me

"This house is getting too small, there's you, and me, and my parents and siblings, not to mention cousin Shor and Kallie sleeps over sometimes. I want you and I-" pausing mid sentence I looked up at Kallie "And hopefully Kallie to live in an apartment"

"So...we're not gonna be with cousin Shor and Grandma Stormie?" He pouted "No munchkin, but we'll still visit them okay?" I said reassuring him "Okay" Tyler shrugged. Tyler got off my lap and walked past Kallie exiting the room.

"So, Kallie Alice Carter" I smirked "Anthony Jacob Lynch" she mocked "What do you say to moving in with me and Tyler?"

Kallie looked at me in deep thought, I told her that she doesn't have to answer right now and she nodded feeling a weight lifted off her shoulders "What'd you get me for christmas?" Kallie giggled "I'm afraid thats a secret my beautiful princess" I smiled getting out of the conputer chair and walking over to her. Pressing her against the wall, no space between the both of us, bodies pressed together, foreheads and lips connected together like they were meant to be.

It's like this girl, no no...this woman, this one woman just came into my life and changed almost everything. I never use to talk to anyone, I was that shy guy that everyone seemed to fear just because of the way I dressed, but Kallie unlocked my heart and discovered a side that no one else really knew about. Not even my ex's could do what she does to me.

I lifted her off the ground, lips still put together and carried her to the bed, gently dropping her on her back. she instinctivly wrapped her legs around my waist. Just as I slipped my hand up her shirt my watch beeped. I tried ignoring it but it wasnt going to stop. I looked at the time oh shit it's 7:30!!

Kallie saw the panicked look on my face and asked what was wrong. "Nothing" I stuttered, I got off of her and rushed to grab my sweater and keys "Anthony, where are you going?" she asked again

"I'm sorry baby but I can't tell you. Love you bye" I said giving her a quick kiss and left the house.


Oh noodle doodle, a cliff hanger after like 70 years of no updates.

I aplogize for my absence. I bet yall are dissapointed :/

Im sorry guys :(

I hope you enjoy this little chapter even though it is not much.

So... i turned 15 last month...yaay lol it wasnt even that big of a deal.






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