Groaning I roll out of bed. Mark stands leaning on the doorframe watching me with amusement glinted in his eyes. I send him a glare before he places his hands up in mock surrender and leaves.

I stumble to my closet and pick up a random shirt with random pants. Not caring what they look like I head over to the bathroom.

Running my hand through my hair it looked like I gave at least some effort to look good.

But good and sexy just came naturally.

No need to give much effort.

I sigh and look at my shirt only to realize it's backwards.

I groan, "this day is obviously not going to be my day."

Boy was I right.

Ryder got sick so I had to drive MYSELF to school. Which requires too much work.

Mark missed the bus so I had to drop him off at his crowded middle school drop-off zone. After leaving there some lady scratches the side of my car when I got out to obtain my coffee for that morning.

To make matters even worse the stupid home room teacher, gave me a detention.

For abso-fucking-lutely nothing.

Just peachy. Not that I don't get detention on a regular basis it just added to my already bad morning.

I guess Karma must hate me for this one.

I force myself into a sort of shutdown as the day progresses on constantly talking to Ryder complaining about school and everything.

At one point he stops replying so I take the guess that he took a nap. Typical.

Once lunch rolls around I was more than happy to leave campus. But just then my day was about to take a turn from bad, to worse.

"Mr.Ramirez" the head counselor, Ms.Bennett, calls out

Turning sharply on my heel I face her and easily tower over her small frame. She says three simple words to start to turn the day around, "My office. Now."

Rolling my eyes I go in just to see what she wanted.

"Now I hear that you have been hanging around Bailey Carson lately. Anything you want to say? Bailey sure had a few things to say at our meeting."

I pinch the bridge of my nose, "look Miss, I never talked to Bailey Carson anymore. Much less even look or talk to her. So no--"

"Have you been sexually involved with Miss.Carson, Will?" She interrupts

I stop. My brows furrow together as she explains, "Miss.Carson has come around because she is devastated at your breakup. She believes it could be the sexual involvement with the new girl Arisa."

I give her a look that says, your insane.

She gives me a blank look, "Mr.Ramirez is this true?"

"Now Miss, I'd be lying if I said I never had a thing with Bailey."

"So you admi-"

"Not exactly. I have been involved with Bailey yes, but not dating wise. And Aria? She's only been here what one day? Already being hammered like this? Not a good idea. Word of advice, never listen to Bailey Carson for your life." I stand up and start walking towards the door

Suddenly the door swings open to reveal a puffy eyed Aria.

"Aria? What's up?" I say casually

She shakes her head as tears slowly well up in her eyes, my brows again furrow in confusion as I walk through the halls.

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