Off limits | chpt 3

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The bell rang and I hurry to my first class, math. Most people don't like math but me? I enjoy it.

*Math class*
" oh you must be.. Blair?"
"Yeah, sorry I'm -"
"Your late, I'm mr. Woods, try and find a seat"
I scan the room and the only seat available is way at the back next to Matt. He waves And pats the desk. I head over and sit down.

*20 minutes into the class*
I'm peacefully writing notes until Matt throws a note to my desk. I look over at him and he mouths "open it!"
The note reads "wanna hang after school?"

*Matts POV*
I didn't want to admit it, but I think I like her. Should I tell her my friends didn't actually dare me to do anything.. No I can't then she will know I actually wanted her number. I'll just ask her to hang out today then I'll get it. So I wrote it on a note. But she's been writing for like 5 minutes now.

*Blairs POV*
I kept erasing "sure" and changing to "no" then changing it back, then finally said "just us?" And threw it back he quickly read it and nodded Yes.

The period ended and I basically had every morning class with Matt, they went by fast and it was already lunch.
I was getting my food when some girl with light brown hair came up to me and introduced herself. "Hi! I'm Natalie, and you are?"
She held out her hand, nice to meet you, I realized you were new here and I didn't want to let you sit alone, she said with a smile. "Follow me"
I followed her to a table with 3 girls sitting there, she pointing to a girl with long red hair "this is Leah", then to a girl with short blond hair "becca" and the last with dark pin straight brown hair. "Jessie". Becca and Leah greeted me with warm smiles but Jessie just looked at me, "bringing in strays?, I see Natalie"
We all sat down and after 5 minutes, talking to each other felt normal. Then Leah asked "so, see anyone you like?, or anyone hitting on you?" They looked so anxious to know, " well there's this guy named Matt? He just asked to hang out after school, that's pretty much it "

" oh honey no, Matt is off limits, him and Jessie are basically a thing, and he's way to bad for your little innocent Mind." Becca bitches at me.
I look over my shoulder To the table across where Matt is sitting. Why would he flirt with me but have a girlfriend he never told me about?. The rest of the lunch I sat there quietly waiting for the bell.

the rest of the after noon was a blur then finally the bell rang and Matt walked my way, " so I saw you made some friends.."
I ignored him and threw my books in my bag.
"Um anyways what are we doing?"
I quickly responded " I don't know what your doing but I'm going home" he just stood there confused as I walked away

*matts POV*
" i don't know what your doing but I'm going home."
Woah, what did I do? I haven't even talked to her since our last morning class. Then I realized who she was sitting with and quickly ran to Jessie's locker. " Mat-" "What did you say?"
" I don't know what your talking about"
" cut the crap Jessie"
" calm down lover boy, I didn't say anything." She laughed " maybe she's just not that into you, so you should just come back to me"
I walked away, I knew she said something. She can't just hate me for no reason

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