Drunk Spills

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Pairing: Ryden
Summary: Ryan and Brendon work in the same building and have been together for awhile. They decide to attend the work party as a couple. Brendon ends up having a little too much to drink and spills about their relationship. (Not my prompt)


Ryan shamelessly checks his boyfriend out from across the room as one of his co-workers talk about something that happened them today. Brendon was wearing a white button up with the sleeves rolled up and a thin black tie. The black slacks he was wearing fit him perfeectly and Ryan couldn't look away. They were practically wearing the same but Ryan wasn't wearing a tie and had his button up had a couple buttons undone from the top. They both look damn good and they've been told that all night.

They had an hour into the farewell party for one of their co-workers. Some were having wine and chapaenge. Brendon and Ryan were both having beers. But Brendon was already halfway done with his fifth beer.

Ryan already noticed his boyfriend wasn't hesitating to drink all he wanted. It doesn't take long for Brendon to get himself drunk. As he saw his boyfriend finish the last drop of the bottle he excused himself from the conversation and followed his boyfriend to the fridge. When Brendon grabbed another beer and truned around he was surprised to see Ryan but smiled at him as he opened the bottle. "Hey. What's up?"

"Nothing." Ryan shrugged with a smile. "Having fun?"

"So much fun." Brendon chuckled softly, already a little tipsy as he took a sip of the beer. "You?"

Ryan shrugged and nodded. "It's cool. Nothing like Pete's though." He chuckles, taking a sip of his beer.

Brendon chuckles, nodding as he opens his bottle.

"Don't you think you should calm down on the drinking?" Ryan suggests.

"Why do you say that?"

Ryan shrugs. "I don't want you getting drunk, especially at work."

"I won't get drunk. Don't worry." Brendon waves a hand around.

"Babe, you're halfway there." Ryan scoffs, still managing to smile at him.

"Let's just go have fun, okay?" Brendon pouts, taking a step closer and working his big eyes at the taller man.

Ryan bites on his lip and glances between Brendon's lips and eyes before giving in. "Fine, fine."

"Yes!" Brendon pecks his lips. "Okay, let's go dance!"

"We've been together for almost a year now and I have to remind you again I don't dance!" Ryan says, making Brendon laugh and pull him in to dance anyway.


An hour later Brendon was drunk. He was past drunk and Ryan was trying to keep things under control but it wasn't going so well. Brendon's been knocking things over on accident, saying things he shouldn't, and just causing chaos for the older boy.

"You guys like Zac Efron?" Brendon slurs slightly at a group of some of the female workers around their age. They laugh and nod. "Me too!" He grins, struggling to keep his balance. "Do you think his abs are real?"

Ryan walks over and smiles politely at the them. "Sorry about him, girls." He apologizes and grabs Brendon's arm to pull him away.

"Aw, we were talking!" Brendon whines, pulling away and going back over to them.

Ryan grabs his arms and gently tries to pull him away. "Bren, let's go yeah? It's late." He tries to tell him.

"No, no." Brendon hiccups. "We're having sooo much fun, baby." He slurs out, practically relying on Ryan to keep him balanced. Ryan shakes his head and gestures them to go again. "Aren't we having fun, girls?" Brendon asked the group.

The girls giggle and nod. Ryan rolls his eyes. They weren't exactly helping the situation.

"See?" Brendon giggles. "He's my boyfriend." He whispers not so quietly as he points at the taller boy. The girls laugh, not sure what to say back.

"Yeah. That's me." Ryan says with a nod before taking the boy's drink and putting it down somewhere. Adding another, "Brendon, let's go."

"Isn't he hot?" Brendon slurs with a giggle as Ryan holds him by the waist so he wouldn't fall. He was afraid where this was going. Brendon turns to one of the girls. "He's so good in bed too."

Ryan was just embarassed, knowing they should've left earlier. "Uh, Bren? I don't think you should be telling them that." He says to him.

Brendon just shushes him up and continues. "You think he looks good now you should see him without any clothes on!" He pipes up.

Ryan chews on his lips nervously and tries to pull Brendon away again but Brendon was squriming too much.

"And you should see the size of his-"

"Okay! We're leaving." Ryan says, now just a bit irritated.

"Wh-What?" Brendon says. "But I want to stay with my friends!" He pouts.

"No, you're embarassing yourself." Ryan says, not being able to walk since Brendon has now decided to cling onto him.

"I'm not embarrassed." Brendon giggles, shaking his head. He turned around and walked toward the group again.

Ryan grabbed Brendon's wrist and spun him around into his arms.

"Woah." Brendon laughs loudly, cupping Ryan's face in his hands. "Hey my boyfriend has brown eyes too. You look like my boyfriend." He slurs with a grin.

"Maybe because I am your boyfriend." Ryan nods, grabbing his hand and walking away from the group of girls.

"Nooo." Brendon shakes his head. "My boyfriend's name is Ryan."

"I'm Ryan."

"I thought you were my boyfriend?"

Ryan rolls his eyes and can't help but laugh a bit. Drunk or not Brendon is still an idiot. He waved a goodbye to some people and was walking toward the door.

"I don't want to leave! I want to stay here and dance!" Brendon whines with a frown.

"So sad." Ryan pouts jokingly. "We're leaving."

"What happened to my beer?" Brendon hiccuped. "It was in my hand... it's gone! It's gone!" He shouts, then frantically looking for it.

Ryan didn't seem to be getting Brendon out the door so he picked him up and threw him on his shoulder.

Brendon squeaked and giggled. "Nice ass!" He says before giving it a squeeze. Ryan hopes nobody saw that and finally walks out.


The next morning Brendon groaned as he woke up. Ryan came in from the kitchen. "Hey." He greets.

"Hi." Brendon says, holding a palm to his head. "How much did I...?"

"Let's just say everyone knows that I am great in bed thanks to you." Ryan smirks

"Oh fuck." Brendon groans again, face palming himself.


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