McGee's pov

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I stood shocked by what Gibbs just said. We were going to find Ari. This was going to be impossible. I looked towards tony and Kate who just stop in silence, gobsmacked. No one would think that Gibbs was going to com up with something like this.

"What are you three standing there like that for we have a son of a bitch to catch" Gibbs said with a sincere tone to his voice. He was go damn serious

I rushed over to my computer and started typing quickly into the system Ari's name when something got through my firewall- bearing in mind it was vertically unbreakable and I open it and then up popped up a letter on the screen, I read with extreme anxiety and worry written across my face Gibbs picked up on this am walked over to the screen.

"Well I guess we have go to go to him then haven't we? grab your gear! Ari had just told us where to find him. we are gonna end this once and for all...

The drive to where Ari told us to go was long and tiring I kept re-reading everything that was one the computer screen

' Come and find me, I will be waiting at the place where you have lost what you love. You all need to come or else... YOU DIE. Yes I am on about you all and Gibbs you know the place.'

What did he mean that Gibbs knew the place and where he had list something. I must have been deep in thought because I glanced towards Kate and she had a worried look on her face looking in my direction. this wasn't the first time she had stared death on the eye from Ari and this time it could be over for good...

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