Chapter 15- A Normal Family Day

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Picture on the side is Rayne (: isn't he just the perfectest (; lol now continue to read on cx and read authors note at the end ((:

Isaiah's POV

I quickly exit the bed that I was placed on and jump around in alarm.

"Isaiah! Get all your friends up!" Rita calls out

Breathing out a heavy sigh of relief I push Marissa fully off the bed and fix the bed humming a small tune.

She screams and jolts up, "I just had a dream whe--" she looks at her surroundings, "really Isaiah?"

I nod and continue to fix the bed before leaving and shoving Rayne off his bed as well.

He's more chill about it, laughing it off before he was about to shove Caryn off the bed. She turned with her eyes still closed, and held Rayne's wrist tightly telling him, 'not to think about it.'

He pulled his hand away while Caryn turned around and Rayne pulled her down.

Her screams fill the room as I rush out Rayne following hot on my heels.

We rush down the stairs and hop onto the chairs with mine coming crashing to the floor.

"That's what you get." Marissa says walking in with her hair up messily and still in her pajamas.

Belle is following shortly behind while rubbing her eyes and slightly stumbling around.

I laugh, "you okay there Belle?"

She nods while she continues to rub her eyes.

Caryn arrives with Jack still sound asleep on her shoulder. Maneuvering through Marissa and Belle to place Jack down softly on the couch.

Jack pulls his head up and rubs his eyes tiredly before stretching and approaching Rayne's side.

He picks him up and swings his around earning a huge grin and me groaning in pain.

"Ouch! Man I'm so sorry!" He says laughing

I nod and clutch my lower area in pain.

Marissa again laughs as Rita places plates in front of us.

"Any plans for today?" She asks serving each one of us

Looking at both Rayne and Marissa they both shrug before we dig into the food.

Marissa chokes, "mmph! Plarkaojzjxhejxcsjjdt!!"

"What?" I look at her confused

She slaps my head and points to Belle.

"Oh! The project."

Rita nods before placing a plate for both Jack and Belle.

After breakfast Marissa and I head up the stairs with Belle.

"Okay so this week. Which family fun activities have been most effective with the family?"

I smile, "the fair."

She nods while sitting at my desk and writes it down in neat handwriting across the paper.

This time Marissa groans, "more questions."

I laugh, "well this is a disadvantage of being smart I guess."

She glares at me as I plop down on my bean bag chair.

"When did you get that?" She asks turning around to face me.

I shrug, "dunno a few weeks ago?"

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