Chapter 1

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So screw the ending to final fantasy xiii 2 this is how my favorite theory ending would be!
(Starts off around the last fight with caius)
"Caius I well not kill you"noel shouted at caius who was begging noel to kill him.
"Kill me noel DO IT"caius yelled back at him getting more and more frustrated.
"I just can't i don't want too"noel looked away from caius knowing caius knew he was right about Yuel.
"What if I told I killed lightning she is dead!"caius told him
"What why!!"serah was about to cry
"It's a bluff!"noel told serah not really sure but didn't want serah to be sad or destracted by it."I refuse to kill you caius."
"Fine"caius moved closer to noel.
"What are you doing!"noel freaked out as caius took Noel's sword and used it to kill him he fell to the ground bleeding out and dieing.
"Why did you do this caius"noel seid upset.starteled by caius killing himself with his sword.
500 AF
"Launch new cocoon!"hope shouted out to the the intercom turned on
"We've got vanile and fang.coming back now"the intercom seid pround as the ice pillar holding up old cacoon slowly crashed and fell to the ground destroying cacoon.
"Yes"hope seid happy and excited
Back in Valhalla
"Let's go home"noel told serah and they ran trough the portal going home
Again in 500 AF
"Whhhaaaaaaa!!!!!!" Serah screamed falling as noel was laughing as they fell what seemed to there death.and they landed on the ship that just made it in time to catch them from falling.noel landed perfectly and caught serah helping she didn't crash mog just flew down.
"Good landing"sazh told them through speaker.
"Everything is going back to normal!"serah seid happy.
"Ya the time line is finally restored!"noel told serah as they sat down exhausted."serah are you ok you don't feel any pain right!"noel worried
"No I'm fine"serah laughed seeming fine
"Ok as long as your ok."noel started
to laugh again as they watch cacoon fall and as in smashed serah zone off.
"SERAH NO NO NOT NOW SERAH!!!"Joel scream running over to serah and caught her."serah I'm so so sorry"he cried hugging her as she was dieing "please not now"he whispered hugging her hope jumped down
"What happened?"
"She saw the new future.and it killed her."noel started to cry hope was silence comprehending what happened looking away."This is the only way left i guess..."noel seid kissing serah.realizing how much stuff he would get about this but didn't care he just wanted to save he was kissing her her skin started to get more color when he moved away and checked her her heart was just beating."serah please stay with me.!"noel asked her hugging her tell her eyes fluttered open slowly
"What happened?"serah asked slowly coughing.
"Serah I have to leave now."
"What no noel stay!"
"I'm sorry but I can't stay"noel told serah crying.
"I well miss you."
serah told him as he disappered.holding the tears.tell he left as she curled up into a ball crying her eyes out.hope walked over patting her back.
"SERAH!!!!!!"a familiar voice yelled jumping the ships tell geting on her ship
"SNOW!!"serah got up still crying her eyes out snow ran up to her and hugged her tightly.
"It's ok now I'm here."snow told her.he knew what happened even know he was upset for noel kissing her he knew in the end he still gave his life for her.and he was very grateful for it.serah cried in his armed soaking his shirt with tears.
"He was my best friend"serah cried still coughing again.
"I know."snow cradled her."let's go to our new home"snow told her helping her into the ship.
Snow knew he now had the time to protect her and he would never leave her alone ever again!he well be with her tell the end just like noel.

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