Michael's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of screaming. I got scared and jumped out of bed and ran down the hall of our L.A house. I ran into the den to see Luke and Calum fighting over Guitar Hero. I rolled my eyes and sighed. "Guys, do u really have to yell about that stupid guitar? You know one of you guys can play on the drums." "But I don't want to!" Luke pouted, sticking his bottom lip out. It was adorable, but I can't think like that. I'm not allowed to. "Neither do I!" Calum shouted. "Guys calm the fuck down before you wake up Ash and he kicks all of our asses." I said. "Fine." They said in unison and Luke took the drums and Calum took the guitar. I started to walk to the kitchen when Calum called my name. "Hey Mikey," "Yeah Cal." "Go put some pants on please. I don't wanna see your junk anymore." I looked down to see that I was in my Picka-chu boxer briefs. I blushed and ran out of the kitchen and back to my room to get pants on. "God that was awkward." I whispered to myself. I then went back into the kitchen with pants on this time and poured myself a bowl of Coca Pebbles cereal and went to the den to watch the boys play. God Luke looked so hot playing the drums. Sure they weren't actual drums but he still looked hot and the way he bit his lip and took his lipping between his teeth when he concentrated on the song was even sexier. Stop thinking like that Michael! You're gonna get a boner and no ones gonna be able to help you with that! Calm down Mikey, calm down, don't get all worked up. I hate having these little internal conflicts with the voice inside my head. They always end up bad. Ashton soon walked into the den and sat beside me in the couch. "Hey buddy, you okay?" Ashton whispered. I nodded but he could tell I was lying. "What's wrong?" "Nothing" I said, shaking my head. "That's a lie. Do you wanna talk about it?" I sighed and said, "Sure, but were gonna have to go to my room to talk." "Okay, let's go." He said smiling. I have always trusted Ashton, I felt like I could come to him about anything. I was about to tell him my biggest secret, that I was deeply in love with Luke.


Authors Note: HI PEOPLES!! Sooo this is my new story and it's a Muke/Cashton story!! I hope you fabalus peoples will like it sooooo yea I'm gonna go watch The Walking Dead now!! Byeeee!! PeaceSkies!!!

Oh and Sorry that this beginning chapter was so short but if you guys like this story they will get longer and better hopefully.

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