Chapter Fourty-Four

Andreas POV

Everyone in the house was sleep but I couldn't knowing that I was gonna be leaving to go back to Indiana in a few hours. Kian was probably sleeping downstairs on the couch because he wasn't in bed with me. I had already talked with my Mom and Anna about me leaving to go with Anna.

I kept thinking about Kian and what he'll be doing while I'm gone. I never wanted us to end our relationship but he always lied to me. Since I couldn't go to sleep, I just decided to go downstairs and get something to drink. I walked downstairs and saw Kian sleeping on the couch. He had no blanket on and it was cold, so I got him a blanket. He looked really cute when he was sleeping, he looked like a little baby that had a long fun day. I put the blanket on him and then he flinched.

I continued my adventure to the kitchen to get my water. I grabbed my water and sat on the island. As I was drinking, I heard Kian move around some more on the couch, then he woke up. He scratched his eyes then he saw me.

"Andrea? What are you doing up?", Kian asked as he sat up.

"I'm just getting something to drink because I couldn't sleep but don't let me wake you", I said.

"No it's fine, I couldn't sleep either knowing that I tonight was the last night that we have together but sadly it turned into a nightmare", Kian said as he walked to me.

"Yeah me too", I said. I looked at the time and it was 2:55 am.

"Did you talk to Anna about living with her?", Kian asked.

"Yeah and she said that it would be fine", I said.

"Oh well that should be fun", Kian said sarcastically.

"Kian, I know you hate that but if I leave then you and Bethany can help raise your baby. I don't wanna be in the way of that", I said.

"Your not and I can promise that, Andrea. Your the reason I wake up every morning and the reason why I go to sleep every night. Why would I ever wanna lose that?", Kian asked.

"I don't wanna lose you either but it's what we have to do. Look, I don't wanna fight with you more than we already have", I said.

"What will I do while your gone?", Kian asked.

"Just do whatever makes you happy and I'll do whatever makes me happy", I said.

"But what if we meet other people?", Kian asked.

"If we do then we will be upfront about it", I said.

"Okay that makes me feel alot better", Kian smiled.

"Yeah, same here", I said. I yawned.

"You should probably get some sleep because tomorrow is a big day for both of us", Kian said.

"Yeah and I'm getting super tired", I said.

"Okay well if you need anything I'll be down here", Kian said. I nodded and went upstairs.

I'll be leaving in a few hours but it felt like I would be leaving in five minutes. Everybody is gonna be affected by this change.

A Few Hours Later

I got up a little earlier than everyone else because I had finish packing up everything. I took a shower then packed my clothes. As I was packing up my shoes, Kian walked into the room.

"Goodmorning, I heard you moving around up here", Kian said.

"Yeah sorry, I was just getting ready and getting all packed up", I said.

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