"What is it?" Emma asks.

Elizabeth mouths the word, "Footsteps,"

The two draw their swords quietly as they advance towards the sounds of crushing leaves in the darkness.

"It's getting louder," Emma whispers.

Elizabeth holds up her hand, signalling for Emma to stop. She motions for her to get behind a tree as she does the same. She holds up her hand again, and it glows purple. "On my count," she whispers. Emma holds up her hand too, and it glows orange.

"One..." Elizabeth whispers.



The two women come out from behind the tree, hands radiating with magic, only to face a terrified looking Ruby and David.

"Emma!?" He yells.

"Dad?! What the hell are you doing out here!?"

"Looking for you!"

"Guys!" Ruby interrupts. "We found something."

Elizabeth approaches her. "What is it?"

Out of her purse, Ruby pulls a gleaming silver hook. "We found it at the edge of the woods. I tried, but there's no scent on it."

Emma stands staring at the hook, breathlessly. "Let's keep going." She says.

"Emma wait!" Her father beckons to her. "We found concrete evidence. You need to rest. You've been out here all day and half the night."

"We don't rest!" Elizabeth exclaims. "We can't!"

"I know you both care about him but if you want to be ready to take on Blackbeard, then you need your rest."

"No!" Emma protests.

"Maybe he's right, princess. Blackbeard is a formidable foe. Even for the Savior."

Tears begin to form in Emma's eyes.

Her father embraces her. "Come one. Let's go have some hot cocoa." She forces a smile, as she, David and Ruby head in the other direction towards the town.

Elizabeth stands alone in the dark, watching the friends leave.

"Wait," Emma says quietly. She turns around to the pirate whose head hangs low. "Come with us."

"No.. I don't want to impose." She mumbles.

"It's no problem at all!" David says with a welcoming smile.

"Are you sure, princess?"

"Of course. You can stay with me tonight." Elizabeth returns Emma's smile gratefully.

Neverland; A Decade Earlier...

"I'm sorry."


"I'm sorry I brought you here." Hook whispers.

"Why?" Elizabeth asks.

Through the room dimly lit by the sunset, she can see his silhouette against the slatted wood walls of their hut.

"I thought this place would be better. But alas... I was wrong. Terribly wrong."

"It's not that bad." Elizabeth nudges his shoulder playfully. "Aside from the giant bugs and murderous savages, I think it's quite nice."

Hook smiles, though Elizabeth can't see it. The two sit down on Hook's cot, side-by-side.

"I want to thank you, Hook. You saved my life. You took me in and taught me your ways when no one else would."

"I didn't teach you anything. You were born for the pirate's life." He nudges her back.

After a long moment of silence and thinking, Elizabeth finally whispers, "We could stay here, you know..."

Hook turns his head to look away from her.

"We don't have to leave. We have everything we could ever want here. We could make this our home and live forever."

Quickly, Hook stands. "No," he says simply. "That is not an option."


"I said no! We can't stay here!" He's yelling now.

"Why, Hook? Why!?" Elizabeth yells back. "Is your revenge on the Crocodile really that important to you!?"



"The quest for vengeance is the only thing keeping me alive. It's a part of me. I will not rest until I skin that bloody demon." Hook stares at Elizabeth breathlessly.

"Then I will stand by you." She says firmly.


"Any luck?" Mary-Margaret asks eagerly.

"Just this," Emma holds up the hook.

Emma, Elizabeth, and Ruby take a seat on the couch in the Charmings' loft while Regina and Robin sit in the kitchen with Snow and David. Henry enters the room and sees Killian's hook.

"You found his hook!" He says. "He must be missing it."

Elizabeth leans over to Emma to whisper in her ear. "I think there's another attachment that Emma is missing even more,"

The two women laugh loudly. It echoes through the room, getting everyone's attention.

"You two seem to be getting along." Regina observes. "What's so funny?"

"Oh, just small talk." Emma smiles.

"I'd say pretty big talk," Elizabeth whispers again.

Emma covers her mouth to keep from laughing so hard. Her face turns a bright shade of red.

"I heard that," Ruby scolds.

"Sorry," Emma giggles.

"So," David interrupts. "What's our plan of action tomorrow?"

Emma pipes in, serious now. "We split up again. Widen our search."

"That's it? That's your big plan?" Regina asks.

"Got any better ideas, your majesty?" Elizabeth growls at her.

"We'll find him," Mary-Margaret attempts to soothe them. "But we all need to get some rest."

Everyone nods in agreement.

"Mom, can I stay with you tonight? I miss my old room." Henry asks Regina.

Regina's eyes widen in surprise. "If it's okay with you, Mrs. Jones."

"Sure, kid. Be safe." Emma kisses Henry on the head. He grabs his backpack and heads out the door with Regina and Robin following suit. Ruby exits behind them after briefly saying goodnight.

"Well I guess I'll head back to the Jolly Roger." Elizabeth says as she heads for the door.

"That won't be necessary. I told you, you're staying with me tonight." Emma smiles graciously.

The pirate returns the smile. "Thank you, princess."

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