Chapter Fourty-Three

Andrea's POV

It was raining but I didn't care because nothing even mattered. I was crying but it flowed along with the raindrops falling down my face.

"Why do I even put up with this? Why does everyone else think that they cannot tell me things? Am I that hard to deal with? All of the things Kian told me were true but I hated the way he talked to me. He has never talked to me in such a strong manner", I thought to myself.

I hesitantly got up from the ground and walked to my car. As I unlocked my car, I saw flashing car lights coming toward me. At first I was scared then I noticed who's car it was. It was Kian's Black Range Rover and it looked like people were in the car. Anthony and Lizzie jumped out of the car when it came to halt.

"Andrea, omg I'm so happy that we found you", Lizzie said as she hugged me. I could see Kian in the background with his hands in his pockets.

"Yeah", I said plainly.

"Are you alright?", Anthony asked.

"Yeah I'm good, I just came out here to get away from all the stuff at home", I said.

"Well we are glad that we found you", Lizzie said.

"How did you guys know where I was?", I asked.

"I don't know, Kian just drove us here", Anthony said. Kian walked towards us.

"Oh", I said.

"We're just gonna leave you guys alone", Lizzie said as she walked away with Anthony.

Kian and I stood there awkwardly without saying a word. I wanted to say something but I couldn't find the right words to say. Then Kian finally said something.

"Andrea, I just wanna say that I'm sorry for the things that happened earlier today", Kian said.

"You really think that apologizing for cursing me out and then telling me that you don't want to father my children, is gonna make me forgive you? I actually thought that we were always the perfect match for eachother even through the hard times. But this last argument put me over the edge end I'm sure that it put you over the edge too. Do you wanna know what the funniest thing is; I am actually believing all of the things you said to me", I said.

"No Andrea, those things aren't even true. I just said those because I was pissed off at the world. You know that I don't think of you as anything other than strong, independent and beautiful women", Kian said.

"Kian, I know that you didn't mean to say them but you did and now I'm super confused", I said.

"About what? What are you confused about, Andrea?", Kian asked.

"I'm confused about us and where we are going", I said.

"We are going strong because we love eachother and we will always care for eachother", Kian said.

"I thought we loved eachother but now I'm not so sure", I said as I looked down.

"Well I am and I'm pretty damn sure that we love eachother. You love me too, you just need your time to remember our good times", Kian said.

"Kian it's not that easy", I said.

"Yes it is that easy because I know that we love eachother and so do you", Kian said. I could see tears forming in his brown eyes.

"I love you Kian but it's not the same love as before", I said.

"So what are you saying?", Kian asked and now he was full on crying.

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