Chapter Four - Quad Rides!

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Dakota woke up at 6:00am and just sat in bed. She thought that she would get some work done before her fake aunt woke up.

She got dressed and put on a plaid button-up shirt with skinny jeans and cowgirl boots. Dakota decided it would be best to feed the animals first.

On that mountain farm, there were 3 horses, 2 cats, and 1 dog. Usually there would be a wild turkey or a skunk once and a while going through the field.

All the food for the animals were in a small little shed so Dakota quietly walked over. She grabbed the dog and cat food and placed it in their bowls.

Next sh would feed the horses. She did not take the shortcut, she took the long way around. It better safe then sorry!

Next, she went into the kitchen and cooked bacon (crispy), toast, and eggs. That was Aunt Merebears favourite.

"What's all this? Did you make all this?" asked Aunt Merebear with a big smile on her face. "After breakfast we will go on a quad ride to the bigger field and back.

When Aunt Merebear was done eating, she got the quad out of the shed. Dakota got in the passenger seat and they went on their way. In the middle of the trip, Dakota could feel the wind in her hair and she felt like she was free. As they passed the trees and bushes, she put her hand out and pretended to be famous.

That night she dreamed what Georgia would be doing and if she was having a good time. She sure was!

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