The Next Day
*In Hartford*

"This is gonna be a long day..." I mumbled to myself as I sat in the chair. We've been at this Baltimore County's Annual Back To School Festival for about three hours now & I'm ready to fuckin go. Thirty minutes into this shit & I was ready to go. I don't fuck with teens, I'd have to beat a bitch ass. But I'm trynna be nice cause I know Diggy's gonna get me when we leave. So I'm trynna hold my tongue. "Relax.." Trevor nudged me as he sat beside me. "Just try and get to know them. If you want them to like you, you gotta be nice and get to know them..." "I don't give two shits about them liking me!" I snapped at him. "Fuck them!" Then Diggy walked over with a few of his fans behind him. "You being good?" He smirked, teasing me. I rolled my eyes at him as I sat back in the chair & folded my arms. "I am not a child, Daniel." He chuckled & held his hand out to me. "C'mon..." I rolled my eyes & took his hand. He held me from behind & whispered in my ear. "And be nice.." He pinched my ass. I clenched my jaw so I wouldn't moan or something of that sort.

About 20 minutes later
*After the Meet & Greet*

"GET READY! GET READY!!" Diggy's DJ yelled through the mic. "MAKE SOME MUTHAFUCKIN NOISE FOR DIGGYYYY AND TREVORRRR!!!!" The crowd bellowed from all direction. I smiled. I'm so proud of my baby.

" I'm Diggy wait? I ain't get ya' name
I get the feeling its about to change
I know you feeling how I feel right now
You feeling like it's all too real right now
I know you scared to take a risk
You been hurt, gave a couple dudes a shot, they all miss
This is different, this is kismet, this is praying
This is wishing that everything I wanted is finally come to fruition
The reason for my existence, everything I've been missing
What you went through with your last man? This is what it isn't girl

First off, let me apologize
For all them other guys that didn't treat you right, girl
Let me ease your mind girl, ohhh
See, you are just my type and I ain't no psychic
But I believe in my world, is that I can read your mind girl
My girl, my girl

Baby, I don't need convincing, I know it's real, I can sense it
The possibilities endless, but we can start off with a friendship
I knew as soon as you entered, just standing there in the entrance
I had to grab your attention do something to spark your interest
And it seems I got it down though
You been right here just talking to me about an hour so...
Tell me this, you know as soon you walk through that door
Right when you saw me you were thinking what you doing and more.... "


After the show
*At the hotel*

"We goin to the studio tonight..." I said as we sat in the living room area, listening to music on my phone. "You asking me or telling me??" "Tellin.." She nodded. "Oh..." She got up. I pulled her back & into my lap. She straddled me. "Fuck you goin?" I smirked. She rolled her eyes & got back up. I got up & pulled her into me. "Daniel.." "Answer me then..." I looked in her eyes. She blushed & looked away. "Let me go..." She said, softly. "What was that?" She looked up at me. I smiled. She giggled. "Let me goooooooo!!" I chuckled & let her go. "Thank you..." She walked off, so she could take a quick shower.

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