Chapter 11

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I woke up realizing it was Saturday. I turned over in my bed but forgot about my injuries so I ended up gasping like a fish without water. I got out of bed and walked to the bathroom to freshen up, at least I can walk a bit better than yesterday.

When I walked back into my bedroom a text came through on my phone. It was from Jessica:
Hey do you wanna get some ice cream today? Then afterwards we can hang about in the park. I can bring my dog!

I laughed at her text, she is just crazy.

I replied: yeah that sounds cool, what time?

She replied seconds later:
How about 2:30pm??

The time was currently 12:14pm. That gave me plenty of time to get ready. I replied:
Sure, see you soon :)

I put down my phone on my bed and started to get ready, I decided on light acid wash skinny jeans with a white T-shirt that says 'you are my sunshine' with a sun in the middle and I wore my white vans.

I left my hair down but straightnend it and applied some mascara and a little foundation.

I looked in the mirror to see how I looked. Luckly you couldn't see the bandage under the T-shirt so I was happy about that.

I grabbed my phone and made my way down stairs to get something to eat. My mom was in the kitchen making some bread.

"Hey mom." I said when I entered the kitchen.

"Oh your dressed, going somewhere?" She asked.

"Yeah, me and Jessica are going to get some ice cream and then go to the park for a bit, is that cool?" I asked.

"Yes of course it is."

I nodded and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. I'm not a big breakfast eater anyway. Me and my mom were just talking about what we were going to do today when the door bell rang.

"I got it." I said as I went down the hall to the front door. There stood Jessica and her dog.

"Sorry, I just can't wait for ice cream." She said with a smile on her face.

I laughed. "Its okay, I was ready anyway." I made sure I had my phone and money with me.

"Im going now, mom!" I yelled from the front door.

"Okay sweetie, have fun!" She called back.

I closed the door and we made our way to the ice cream place.

We made it to the ice cream place. It was called 'The Frozen Delight' (A/N i totally just made that up) and it has the most amazing ice cream ever. I would always come her with my brother and my dad every Sunday, then we would go home and watch movies all day. Those were the good days.

Jessica tied her dogs leash on to a pole outside the store and we went in. There were loads of flavours of ice cream available and nothing really changed since the last time I was here.

"Hi, what can I get for you guys?" The girl at the counter said to us.

"Um... I'll have the crunchie vanilla please with chocolate sprinkles." I placed my order.

"And I'll have the strawberry surprise with chocolate sprinkles too please." Jessica said. I must admit, I have tried every flavour available here and I can't choose a favorite.

The girl gave us our ice creams and we paid. We then went over to get a table next to the window so that Jessica can see her dog.

"I love strawberry ice cream, what's your favorite?" Jessica asked me as I ate a mouthful of the delicious food.

"Hard to say, but I think vanilla, I dont know why though. But I like all of the flavours." I said taking another spoonful of ice cream.

"Yeah I agree."

The rest of the time we just ate our ice creams and talked about different things like family, school, people we hate and music. I feel like I have known Jessica for a long time. She has the same taste in music as me, she has the same situation going on at home but her mom and dad divorced so she lives with her dad and she got bullied, so we understand each other.

Once we were done with our ice creams we went out and collected Jessica's dog and headed for the park.

It was a big park with large fields for football games and for people to just walk with their dogs. There was a play area for kids that had climbing frames and swings and it was always clean.

We both decides to walk around the fields and watch people play sports. Jessica unclipped the leash from her dog and he ran around. Her dog was so cute, he was a golden Labrador that Jessica called Benson.

We were having a great time playing with Benson and laughing about random things, until I seen him...


Another cliffhanger! Sorry not sorry. So who do u think it is? James or Nash? Well your just gonna have to read the next chapter. Happy Valentine's Day everyone!! Love ya!

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