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Chapter 2

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Disclaimer: I do not own PJO or HoO

Percy POV

I guess I should explain a few things. First, the mission I am going on is to Earth. I am going to pose as a demigod son of Posieden and save Olympus from my nefew, Kronos. My dad will plant false memories of me in Poseidon  head.

I should also explain where I am. Well, I am at my dad's palace on his planet, called planet Chaos. I know, right. A planet named after himself.

I'm also the commander of Chaos's army. Chaos made me commander on my 11th birthday.

Anyway, I am going to my room to pack, and say hi to the familiar faces as I walk through.

I get into my room and packed the usual mission equipment: clothes, swords, hunting knives, guns, grenades, etc... .

When I am finished I go back to Chaos so he could make a portal. When he made the portal he restricted my powers to water and dims my sent to a demigod son of Posieden .

I step through the portal to find myself at the base of Half-Blood Hill.

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