The sun was beginning to set in the orange and pink highlighted sky. The leaves underneath my feet crunched and broke as I ran throughout the deep woods of Hinsdale County Colorado. The wind was howling, its temperature was brisk, and I pulled at my jacket so that it would position itself better. I had to get there before they did, or it would be too late. I promised Isaac that I would get there at 6:45 p.m., but I was running a tad bit late.  The scheming of our plans had taken place for a couple of weeks now starting on a Monday, and to prep for them we skipped school. All of us did; me, Ally, Isaac, Tyler, Dylan, Charlie, Derek, and the twins Lisa and Elizabeth. We knew we would be screwed when the school year ended, because we skipped school for so long, but the fact was, this was more important than anything our parents, or anyone, had to say. When we first found out about what was to come, we didn’t want to believe it. But we ended up believing anyways. We told everyone in town, and by everyone I mean every, single, person. But to our dismay, no one would listen. Not even our own parents. Of course, we keep trying; whenever we get the chance we try to warn them. A couple weeks ago we had some luck with ten or twelve of our classmates.  We have a name in this town now, because of our so called “psychotic apocalyptic visions and dreams”.  They call us crazy, retarded, mad, extreme, every word imaginable. We are called numerous names, mostly by our own class mates, and used to be friends. But the name that we have accepted and now use is Z.S.U. (Zombie Slayers United). Yes, it’s a stupid name and we get bullied a lot. Everyday I used to ride the bus in the very back, slumped in the corner, with my knees pulled up to my chest. I used to be scared of getting beat up on my way home. But now I don’t care. I worry about other things now. Now people just think we are crazy. But I know we aren’t. We aren’t crazy. They just don’t understand… Something is coming, we know it, and we have proof. Loads of proof actually; from all the long sleepless nights that we got together in our makeshift forest hideout. We showed it to our families and our classmates, but every time we would get the same reaction. Now, it had been about four months since we started the warnings. People started to shut their ears to us. People just stare straight ahead when they see us, as if we aren’t there. It’s their loss. No, it’s their LIVES. Tonight was the night that we undertook our attempt to save the city that had rejected us. We had the supplies, the gear, and the weapons. We had to be ready, because tonight was the total solar eclipse. Tonight was the night where the undead would ascend out of the ground and terrorize our city, and if they succeeded, the whole united states, leading up to the surrounding countries, than the world. We just wouldn’t have that. It was our job to save the people, even if they didn’t accept our forewarning. We would still make an effort to save.

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