Chapter 9

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Anemica POV

So heavy.....

I opened my eyes as my room came into view. I glanced at the clock. 10 at night. I moved the covers off my body to see a face. "You can hear the shore from here." Was the words that instantly came from it.

I screamed.

I heard foot steps running towards my room and flung the blanks back down. Zodiacs face smashed against my stomach his voice a muffle. "WHAT HAPPEN!" My dad shouted as he burst through my door. "Nothing father..." I instantly replied. "Just a bad dream!" He scoffed and walked out. "Dumb ass." I heard him mumbled.

I didn't notice I was holding my breathe till he closed the door and I let out a sigh. I removed the blanks once more. "What am I going to do with you...." He started squirming around and I letter out a sigh.

Sorry it's short but it is an update hoped you like

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