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Damn. This bitch gotta mouth on her. She ain't been properly trained. We can't have none of that, now can we?

After the bitch almost ran us over, we went back to the warehouse.

"Corey, why you had to choose the most craziest bitch to fuck with? And Cairo, why the fuck did you give her yo address?" Keenan asked.

Corey pushed Keenan and walked off. "Man, shut up."

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know. Hell, she something else."

"A bitch with a bad ass attitude."

"But she classy. I like that shit. Classy girl with a bad ass attitude. Better yet, a street attitude."

"You a pussy."

I looked at him and pointed at the door. "Get the fuck out."

He laughed and I smirked.

"Corey, get yo bitch ass back here!"

No answer.

"Kee, go get that nigga." I shook my head.

Keenan left and came back moments later with Corey with some bitch wrapped around his waist.

"Really, nigga?" I frowned hard as fuck and blinked.

"What?" He shrugged.

I slapped him upside the head and took the bitch off him. "You gotta bounce, Shawty." I told the female.

"Nah, why she gotta go. I ain't get get my dick wet." Corey complained.

"Corey, shut up. We droppin' deals right now. Fuck with her afterwards." I brushed shoulders with him and left the room. "And hurry the fuck up. We leavin' in 5 minutes."

"You heard him. Hurry up, lil nigga." Keenan laughed and trailed behind me.

The door slammed shut before Corey decided to yell out profanities.

"Yo brother is somethin' else, dawg." Keenan punched my shoulder.

"Right. Let's just get this night over with. Lil mama comin' over tomorrow. I need my niggas there with me incase some shit go down." I nodded my heads towards some of the guys and watched as they loaded the truck.

"Yo, let's roll out!" I yelled out to everyone and got into one of the cars waiting for me.

Let's hope this drop goes smoothly. Which I know it will.

"Ight. Step on it." Keenan said to our driver.

I sat back and loaded my gun, waiting for our destination to come.

Drop #23.


A/n. Yeah, I know its kind of short. But, ehh bare w/ me. Time for some action (; I say. :'3 But, Umm. Yeaaaah. On to the next one.

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