Dixon's Daughter

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"(y/n), keep up. I don't want anything bad to happen to this group anymore."
"Yes dad." I rolled my eyes. Everyone in the group thought I was badass except for my dad, Daryl. He never let me do anything, which of course never stopped me. One thing he feared the most was me with a boy. Since the only other boy my age in the group was Carl, he always kept an eye on him.
I am very rebellious, so Carl liked to hang out with me. I often ask him why he doesn't just hang with Glenn but he always says the same thing, "because why have Judith's formula when you can have 112 ounces of pudding?" I always laughed at him for that.
The group was settled in the woods by an old toy factory. I really want to go check it out. I ask Rick if I can do a perimeter check to see if the group was safe. He said that it was okay as long as someone came with me.
I started to look for Carl. I'm sure he would love to go to an old toy factory.
"Hey Carl, feel like going on an adventure?"
"Depends. Where are we going?"
"There's an old toy factory just a short distance from here. I told Rick I wanted to do perimeter check."
"Well that sounds tempting. I'm in." and with that we started walking to our destination. It was about half a mile, so it wasn't terrible. Carl on the other hand was jokingly complaining about it. It was pretty cute to be honest.

If you were wondering, yes. I like Carl. It's pretty obvious to everyone but no one says anything. Plus Carl is the only one that has no idea. Not that i would care if he did. Obviously it would be awesome if he liked me back so we could be a thing, but it's highly doubtful that he does. I mean he sees me as his sister.

We finally got to the factory. I walked up to the entrance and Carl and I cleared the building. Only a couple of walkers thank god.

I looked around and saw a bunch of nerf guns which gave me a brilliant idea. I quickly took one and shot at Carl. He was a little shocked which caused me to laugh. While I was laughing he picked one up and shot me.
"This means war, Grimes!" Before we knew it bullets were flying across the room. Laughs were heard all around. It reminded me of times before all of this happened. It was really nice until we heard the loud slam of a door.
"What are you doing with my daughter?" It was my dad.
"Dad it's fine, we were just having fun."
"Yeah Daryl, what she said." Carl was afraid an I could tell. I started to laugh a little which only made my dad even more angry.
"(y/n), why the hell are you laughing?! You're in a ton of trouble. Why would you leave the group without permission?!"
"That's a lie, I asked Rick and he said it was fine!"
"Well I'll just ask him if that's true when We get back. Let's go!" Being completely honest I was a little afraid myself. I didn't want to know what was going to happen when Rick told him that I lied.
Carl saw me tense up.
"Hey are you okay?"
"No, I lied to Rick about this place. Imagine what's going to happen to me when my dad finds out I lied."
"It's fine, you'll be okay. I think Daryl's more mad at me than he is at you." I laughed at him. There's the cuteness again.
"Thanks. But I'm still going to get my ass kicked." We both started laughing and I probably wouldn't of stopped if it weren't for him kissing me.
Wait... WHAT? He's kissing me?! Just when I realized it was actually happening it stopped.
"I'm sorry. God um. I-I just couldn't help it. Shit. Nice going Carl. You were just so-"
You stop him by kissing him again, but were interrupted by yelling.
"LIFE, DAD. It's called life. You have to stop treating me like I'm 4. I'm a teenager dad and you can't stop me from doing things I want all the time. You just have to live with it."
"Let's go. NOW." Your blood was pumping. You never stood up against your dad before. you stomped out with Carl's hand in yours.
"C'mon, while he's not looking let's run."
"Wait what? We're already in trouble, (y/n)."
"Exactly, what do we have to loose?" And with that you started running, and he did too. When we were almost to camp I stopped him.
"What are you doing? Daryl's probably right behind us."
"Why did you kiss me?"
"Why did you kiss me?" I waited a while before he answered.
"Because I really like you (y/n). I love it when you laugh, when you look embarrassed, when you're being yourself. You am amazing girl and it's almost impossible to not fall in love with you."
"You're in love with me?" You ask in shock.
"Hell yeah I am." He said with a laugh. I joined in right away. When we started to calm down he kissed me gently. "Please say you like me back because I would feel like an idiot if you didn't."
"Don't worry I really like you too." His face lit up and it was the cutest thing ever.
"In that case, will you be my girlfriend, even if your dad does kill me?"
"Haha of course." we kissed quickly and started to walk back to camp again.

That night I was screamed at by my dad, but I couldn't stop smiling at the boy that I could see outside my tent making funny faces. Carl is the best. Let's just hope my dad can see that too.

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