Chapter 15: Losing

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"Riley, your acting weird. Are you alright?" Henry wondered.
Riley knew today was the day she was going to lose her heart. Henry would be sent to his family and everything would be alright again.
"I'm fine, just focused on getting you home." Riley explained.
"You mean getting us home." Henry corrected her.
"No, Henry I can't return there. First off they maybe my parents and family but they abandoned me. I belong here. I'm the first lost girl. I will always be one." Riley said coldly.
"B..But they love you. They care about you." Henry said shocked that she said that.
"Henry, I want that but they may think they do but they don't. I have my reasons for thinking that." Riley said.
Henry didn't say anything and just nodded.
"I have to get fire wood. I will be back." Riley told him.
She went off to go find Pan. She looked for about 10 minutes then she saw him.
"Right on time, Miss Mason." Pan said.
"Yeah, whatever just get on with it." Riley told him.
"As you wish." Pan said as he reached into Riley's chest and pulled out her heart.
There is was. It was red but it glowed with pure white around it.
"Why, am I not dead? My heart isn't inside me." Riley asked.
"You see, a person has 2 hearts. One to keep your blood moving and the other to have feelings. If some stops working you are dead. Which you will be in 2 hours time." Pan explained.
Riley nodded and then left to find wood. After she did she went back to Henry to find her family and Ezekiel there. Riley dropped the wood and ran into Ezekiel's arms.
"I found you." Ezekiel said happy as can be.
"Zek, I have to tell you something. Well I guess you all should know." Riley said nervously.
Everyone stared at her.
"I...I don't have my heart. Pan does." Riley said looking at the ground.
"How did this happen?" Snow asked worriedly.
Riley didn't meet eyes with her.
"Pan needed a heart he was going to take Henry's but we made a deal. He took mine and Henry goes home and lives." Riley explained.
Everyone stared at her shocked she would do such a thing for Henry.
"Is this why you were acting so weird?" Henry asked.
Riley could only nod.
"Can I have a minute with you?" Ezekiel asked.
"Yes, it's better if we do." Riley said.
They walked to a small spot alone. Neither of them spoke for a long time. Till Riley spoke up.
"I'm going to die." Riley said.
Ezekiel held her hand.
"I know.. but if we can get your heart back then we can go home." Ezekiel said.
Riley put a bean in his hand.
"Go home with them. Find Zak a home, tell him I'm sorry I couldn't keep my promise." Riley said.
"No, I won't leave without you. Riley it was awful not having you there with me. I can't and won't go though this again." An upset Ezekiel said.
"Then talk to the others about getting my heart back. Other wise you do as I told you." Riley told him.
Ezekiel nodded then kissed her. Riley kissed back and then they walked to the small camp. Riley could not make eye contact with Snow or Charming. It was to painful.
"Henry tells us you are a lost girl." Snow said.
"Yep. He's right." Riley said coldly.
"Look I know we are not perfect parents, but you are wrong. We are your family. I'm sorry about your birthday. I should have remembered but I didn't and I don't know why. It just happened." Snow said.
"You may be my family, but you never acted like it. You don't know my favorite food or what my interest are. You never asked." Riley explained.
Snow stared at her realized her point and she couldn't comprehend what she had been through to put these walls up. She knew something about Riley. Ezekiel had told her that she was in a band with him and a few other guys. She was a lead singer and played many instruments. After that she only knew what she told her. All of a sudden Riley collapsed.

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