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"Could you help me with the stock room stuff?" Muji asked, patting Hibiki while staring at the codes on his laptop. "The school festival's happening in a few days."

"Uhm, sure. I'll continue this later." Hibiki gets off his chair and goes downstairs with Muji to the stock room to pick up boxes of decors.

It was a dark and gloomy night, but the sky couldn’t be seen from within the school premises. They just knew that it was around 7 PM on that time by looking at the computer’s clock before leaving towards the stock room.

“Say, Muji.” Hibiki stared at the boxes of festival decors.

“Yeah?” Muji was trying to find something from the boxes.

“What do you plan to do with your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day?”

“Well, this and that. The usual. Movies, I guess.” Muji was pretty bored when he said that.

“Oh, well, I guess me and Mato haven’t planned yet. But, I’m sure I’ll think of something soon. After all, I–”


“Don’t move an inch, best friend.”

Hibiki was greatly surprised when Muji stopped him from his tracks and held a knife near his throat, firmly holding him in place so he couldn’t escape.

“Mu…ji…what’s…gotten into you? W-we’re best friends, right? S-so why…”

Muji stabs Hibiki with another knife through his heart, from his other hand. He followed up with more stabs and cuts and he was able to rip off some of his best friend’s skin. His right arm was severely cut and looked like it was about to fall off.

“S-stop this…”

Hibiki tried to fight back, but he only got wounded even more and coughed blood. There was so much red on the scene. He didn’t understand what was going on, or why his best friend went nuts.

“You know, I lied about what you asked about my girlfriend.” Muji knelt down and grabbed Hibiki’s uniform. He directed one of his knives towards his best friend’s left eye. “I actually don’t have a girlfriend, so…”

“I’ll be taking Mato from now on…”

With that, blood gushed out from Hibiki’s left eye as he was stabbed consecutively by Null and his nasty knives. Too weak to fight, Hibiki let out a last breath and his consciousness faded away…



“…where am I?”

Hibiki found himself in a room. He could still feel his head going dizzy and hands stained with blood. He could hardly remember what happened.

He was in a small bedroom where he stumbled upon a mirror.


“This is…impossible…a bad dream! Maybe if I pinch myself…”

“…why isn’t it working? Am I really…”

Suddenly, a noise came from downstairs. It finally made sense to him that this was Mato’s house. He could smell the aroma on the bed.

“Mato…I could hear her voice outside the door…”

“Mato…please save me…”


But a big shock came to him as he saw his girlfriend with his best friend.

“Mu…ji….you really did….”

“W-why you…!”

As he was about to charge at Muji, his consciousness faded away once again. He then found himself lying in a forest. The wind was dark and gloomy, but he saw Muji from the distance near the tall trees and under the moonlight.

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