Vampires are truly evil

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The cold winter air pushed agents my soft face.My long (H/C) hair blow in the wind.The snow fell soft and the clouds moved slowly.As I opened the house door blood was dripping from the ceiling and walls.My mother and father were dead on the floor with scratch marks.Blood dripping from there bodys I screamed as loud as possible.I ran to my sisters,brothers and my room.I swong the door to see my brother scard in the corner and my sister struggling to get free from a boy with blonde hair and green eyes grip.I ran to help and smacked him on the haed with a toy train.He looked at me then stepped back."Yo-Your a pureblood."He whispered frightened."Dam right I am."I said back with anger in my voice.Then I heard foot steps behind me."You maid a mess now did you."A vocie said.I was filled with anger and cconfusion knowing who that was."Kaname,how could you."I whispered.

After that dy I knew other purebloods and other vampires are truly evil.Killing other vampires is evil.My brother and sister and me were put in the same household.Vampire family again.To this day I will never forgive Kaname.

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