Chapter 1 (Rewriten)

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     I remembered it clearly. The way the blood looked, the way it smelled, and tasted. I didn't want to do it but my instincts took over and soon enough they were dead. My poor little sister was alone because of what I did. So I felt obligated to take her in of course.

    I had the appearance of a ten year old if I remember correctly. She probably thought, 'hey,what could this girl who is most likely a year older than me possibly do.' To her surprise I could do a lot.

     I cooked, cleaned,provided shelter, and clothing. Though it was only possible because of my parents. Me and my parents got along well so they didn't have a problem lending me money. They also visited us time to time and I think it made her very happy. Unfortunately no matter how much I wish I were there  daughter, there not actually my biological parents. In fact we're not even of the same species. My biological Mother was a vampire hunter who married a vampire which was my father. To other vampire hunters that was enough to have them both killed. Before they died though they had me, (F/N) Matsui. Saddly I can't use that last name for classified reasons, so I just go as (L/N).

     Oh I should mention one last thing. As of last month I devoted myself to learning more about vampires. So to help me succeed in that task, I admitted an application to Cross academy. I wasn't very surprised when I was put under night class since I did request it after all and gave my specific reasons. Unlike normal vampire hunters, I have more traits of a vampire. Physically that is. I have fangs so if I really want to could suck blood, but I dont need it and really dont want to after the incident.
      My only goal now is to understand myself and the beasts we call vampires. I can't have any distractions!

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