Burnt Bridges (Handmaid, Condesce, & Psiioniic)

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Both the Gemini and the Aries has their eyes locked on the Pisces, looking between each other and her. They felt nervous around her. I mean, who wouldn't feel some twitch of fear towards the fuchsia-blooded seadweller? It didn't help at all that it was built into their lowblood instincts to associate her with their own deaths. And that instinct technically held true to both the Psiioniic and the Handmaid.

Though, both set of eyes held two different yet similar emotions. Handmaid looked with a glaring, nonromantic hate and her features pulled into a growling, displeased manner. Despite the two differencing places on the hemospectrum, Damara looked at the seadweller as if she were the highblood and not the lowblood. She saw disgust in everything the woman did. Even the frosting of little sugar cookies was terrible to her. Oh look! Now the Condescension is using burgundy icing for that cookie. Fucking slut, using Handmaid's blood color.

On the other hand, Psiioniic looked with an almost hidden fearful expression, his two toned eyes flickering from side to side as he watched her. He was fearful of her intensions. What she had done to him had him conditioned to thinking these things. He didn't know what her next move was going to be. The Condesce was as predictable as an angry cobra, ready to stick at any moment. Yet he placed on a hateful facade above that was almost as strong as Handmaid's.

He had his arms crossed as he leaned back into the corner chair, glancing at Handmaiden to see her irritated expression. Oh boy...

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